The Winter Wonderlands map is useless

Since it’s classified as a mod (unlike Plymouth which is a Halloween map), you can’t really play it online much. I think you need to rework the mods system. Some mods should be allowed online (like in AoE2… hell why is it even different here in the first place?!), others not obv.


I removed the map in order to able to play MP. But i can’t reinstall it because i can’t find it lol for the other challanges…
i recommend to have the map as default option for everyone… since it’s a mod you had to remove it and then no access to it anymore


Its hard to believe someone tought this was a good idea. The only thing this will bring is a influx of players to the forum getting compatibility errors and asking how to fix. As its beyond absurd to push a “event” like this.

Devs: If you think the current mod system is already in a final state, then please, never waste time making any oficial mods.

If you think you will eventually fix the mod system… Then wait to actually make oficial mods only after the system is fixed.