The "Wonderful" design of AOE 3 DE Matchmaking

Forgotten Empires and Tantalus Media are really the best at it.
Whoever was the lead of this AOE “Degraded edition” project did really a hole in the water.

This is how I am put with a lower 200 level player that does recognize we need to have cavalry but recognizes it at around rush finished and failed.

This is 200 level less in team g ames, with big experience but clearly not enough to understand that if it’s a russian team mate u rush and mix with the team mate properly.

Matchmaking is a mess besides UI and QoL of this “software” that Microsoft decided was a good idea to be publishing.

Somebody must ring the bell to Microsoft Offices and HQ in redmond and also to Whoever runs ignorantly the Xbox Microsoft games Studios, because you better recognize you’ve done ******** ** … yeah you did that and it’s time to fix this UI, QoL and code design before it’s too late for the game and the saga.

What a t0rtvre (this verb should not be censored! THE HELKL with your automated lazy systems that are so stinky of rubber wall that they are like crimes against freedom of speech) youa re imposing on people who play games since 30 years or 20 years and have a huge experience on what is good and what is not.
WHere are the talented designers why you despise players time so much , why so much disrespect to players?

I wonder how long your queue was—the longer it goes the further away in elo it looks for people, this is not a problem with their system but just the fact that there may have not been enough people playing at that moment.


Let’s not discharge responsibilities.
Have a matchmaking that suggests, do you want to play 1 v 1 instead or just drop me and say: there were not enough people, come back and try again later.

Admitting failure IS NOT A DISHONOR!