The worst thing in AoE 4!

Arrows that always hit are the worst thing in AoE 4 !!!
It’s absolutely crazy …
I hate controlled arrows !!!
Total nonsense, this function loses all reality!!

Cancel it immediately !!!


My friend, my brother, why hast thou chosen war with the reality of our present day situation?

Time hence for such negative petition. We will not see any change to such a thing; it is a part of this game that must be at this point.



Thou confesseth thine truth o’ harbinger

It’s historical accurate.
Did you miss historical classes?

Well, currently AOE4 is a “Siege” fest


I (somehow) understand, “it must be” in a case of dodge, but I really share BeetleRock203671 emotions in a case of constant exceeding the range. (Worst are TC, …English especially of course…)

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If ı targetted with an arrow, you cant dodge or rın away so fast. So ı think age of 4 is accurete about arrows. :slight_smile:

I also agree with the two of you. I prefer the ability to run from a TC without being followed by several spirit guided arrows for an additional 500 yards.

Not rly, if you shoot from 100 yards away I will have time to move if I saw you shoot, simply moving back out of range is a common tactic in real life to avoid arrows.

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You cant know where archers are. When you see them, game is over. You cant run away from archers so easly. But in age of 2 you can :rofl:

Great overall BUT, they need an “End Age” option in Skirmish mode

castle arrows in AoE2 were more believable than the one-after-the-other in AoE4