The zamburak model

The basic and veteran models are what a zamburak should be like. But the guard model…is that a sniper rifle?

Please fix it.



yeah the guard model is kinda weird with that huge rifle

I think Zamburak needs complete rework (Skins - Sound - Stats - …)


It’s an Abus Gun on a camel.
It makes no sense to make it a 1 pop Dragoon unit.

It should be the cavalry version of an Abus gun with bonus damage against Heavy Infantry.


I have thought about transforming the Zamburak into a low-power Dragoon-type, making them into a horse-mounted like the Pindari, or maybe having them be some kind of cavalry archer, as I understand the Mughals used some Horse Archers throughout their history.

In preparation for a Persian/Tatar civ, Zamburaks would be transformed into an artillery unit, able to attack infantry and buildings, shared between India, Persia and Tatars.

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My idea for an Indian cavalry rework would be:

  • Make Sowar a horse cavalry (keep stats)
  • Add new Camelry units (Based on old Sowar model) with a melee attack bonus vs. Heavy Cavalry
  • Make Zamburaks a Abus gun like unit and move them to the Castle

Zamburaks would be shared with Persians of course.
It would be tagged as a Heavy Cavalry despite doing ranged damage for balance reasons. Similar to the Mounted Rifleman.
Maybe also tag them Light Infantry so they take bonus damage from Counter Skirmishers.
It would also be moved to Age 3 so all other civs have Light Cavalry available to counter them.

And this would keep the theme of all Camel units doing bonus damage vs. Cavalry in melee in the whole AoE series.
Also a melee anti cavalry unit would overlap less with the Howdah.


These sound like sensible suggestions. I’m always in favor of having Sowars being traditional horse cav (as you know, the Mughal Empire did use horses!).

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Maybe the Zamburak should be tagged Light Cavalry instead of Hand Cavalry.
Because the Gatling Camel is tagged that way.
And maybe also Artillery too.

The other 2 suggestions I have for India is replacing the Gurkhas with Archers, since they are a Nepalese unit and then adding a new Bombard Artillery unit that would be shared with Persia and maybe even the Ottomans (replacing the Falconet).

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Again, great suggestions. Gurkas are far removed from the Mughal Empire (would be better as a Consulate unit under ‘British East India Company’ and Archers were very commonly used in the Mughal military from all across their territory.

Gurkhas are named like mercenaries in the game files, suggesting that they wer3 originally planned to be one.
That would be better role for this unit.


If they were to make Persian and other Central Asian civs, zamburak should be a shared unit.


British Rangers, USA Sharpshooters and Zamburaks use scooped rifles… this is historically acurate for this units on the timeframe?

The scopes of this time are typically very long


I don’t think the technology of the time allows for such compact scope designs for the zamburak model. I may be wrong .

nooooooooooooooo thanks