Thematic DLC: weather, new age, etc

I see a lot of people who suggest adding new civilisations to AoE II (main game, not talking about RoR here). However, as discussed elsewhere, there are already lots of civilisations, and RoR opened up a new idea not to just add civs to the main game, but to play AoE II, while also playing quite a different game. I am not saying we should ban adding new civs all together, but just think of other ways to expand the game.

Here are some of my ideas:

  • We could add new game modes. These could be yield new tournaments, new communities, etc. For example, devs could release a DLC that gives access to an age V (‘Renaissance’?), but only in a specific game mode. This would add of course new units, news techs, etc. Perhaps this could only be for civilisations which indeed made it to the Renaissance (the Franks, the Chinese, the Turks), but not those which did not (Romans, Goths, Huns). It could also entirely reshuffle the tech tree (e.g. moving chemistry to the Renaissance).

  • Another idea would be a DLC ‘Time and weather’. This, again, would have to only apply to a new game mode, in order to preserve the historical game. It could have changing weather conditions in different parts of the map, which would depend on a cycle. Some civilisations would have an advantage in the rain (e.g. Britons!), in the snow (Vikings, Slavs), in the desert (Saracens, Berbers), etc. Perhaps this would be infamous from a coding point of view, but there arleady are lots of terrains, most of which don’t change how the game unfolds. The ‘time’ dimension would allow to have a variation (seasons, climate change), but also perhaps to modify how resources work. One can imagine trees should re-grow when it rains, but should grow scarcer in the desert or the tundra. Animals (herdables, huntables, wolves, etc.) should also multiply in the spring or summer. Farms should have better yields in the spring/summer/autumn. Sounds like a nightmare to balance, but remember: this is a whole different game, mode, just for fun.

  • If we push this concept even further, one can imagine to give an even greater role to ‘Gaia’. For instance, one of the most dramatic even of the Middle Ages (and in the whole Human history) was the black Plague. One could imagine a mechanic were that sort of effect exists? The sea level could also vary (a little), and there could be all sorts of natural catastrophes (volcano, earthquake, etc.).

  • Now, another type of idea would be to fully convert the game through a DLC to some theme. For instance LotR. Of course, this would be an immense amount of work, and may not be economically viable, but civilisations, unique units, and campaigns would make a lot of sense there. The base structure could be the same as AoE II’s though. I must also say that during the golden days of HD I feel like people were playing mods a lot more (probably because of the exposure through the Steam workshop).

  • At last, this has been mentionned a million time, but we could also of course add campaigns for existing civilisations. Magyar, Slavs, Byzantines, Turks, Persians, Franks, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Romans, Mayans, Celts, Vikings, and Saracens come to mind!


I really would like a weather and terrain effects DLc.
I personally would include it in ranked maps, but understand that most competitive players would hate it. I think there is too much potential too make the game more exciting and fun.

I think, however that these effects should be very little, almost imperceptibles.


I agree with everything… I consider the maps of aoe 2 simple, but if they have changing weather it would be very good…

Some raw ideas.
Weather effects (temporal but affects all map):
-Stormy: reduce gunpowder units RoF. Light ships speed reduced (fire ship, demo ship and eco ships)
-Windy: Reduce archer units accuracy (light ships speed buffed)
-Dry: Reduce mounted units’ speed
-Snow: Reduce foot units’ speed
-Foggy: reduce all LoS

With these new.mechanics, new bonuses come.
Archers that doesn’t lose accuracy in windy weather, etc…

The terrain effects would work vise versa, permanent but only apply in the portion of map with x terrain, obviusly.
Sad that engine doesn’t support terrain changes during a game… the possibilities would be very interesting

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Yes, I like it, I like it… although the technical limitations of the engine would not allow it, maybe for AoM RT, AoE 3 DE and AoE 4 it could be done… in AoE 3 DE and CoH 2 (game that shares the engine with AoE 4) the Snowstorms lower the life of units…

Maybe making, a graphic neutral terrain and give the corresponding color with a particle 1x1 unit. This way the terrain cn change by changing these unit setting…

Would love nighttime raiding

These sweaty tryhards dont even want normal trees, you think they gona want weather effects and the black plague?


Anyway, weather would be nice but only for vs ai and scenario editor I reckon. For a good mutiplayer experience it must be as close to “chess with frills” as possible. Predictable start, uniform map, and no random variables to make it fair.

Also in terms of multiplayer, computer performace is a thing. You dont want frame rates dropping in 4v4 BF because a random thunderstorm came in just as a big battle started.

They had a nice day night cycle in one of the Jadwiga scenarios though. And these things would be great for campaigns.

To spice up multiplayer i think they should have a new map in the pool with actual radical differences in gameplay. Not just arabia with lakes (4 lakes) and arena with palisades (fortress)

So we would have neutral factions on the map, hidden treasure and loot boxes, mercenaries you can hire from a neutral building and wonder, relic victory enabled just for this map

Yes, that would be nice…

Weather visual effects don’t need to be so fancy, and surely should be an option to disable them. Just a HUD icon that tell us which is the current weather.
And as I said in another terrain effects thread, these effects (the gameplay effects, no visuals) should be almost imperceptible for casual players. Only when you want to go deep in the game would take relevance (delaying an attack specting for a more convenient weather, f.e). It doesn’t fight with fair games, because all players are affected by weather. It is even more fair than RNG resources placement.

Time to a AOE2:M which is the re-skin of AOM into AOE2
and also AOE2:3 which is the re-skin of AOE3 into AOE2

Can you imagine that? would be like this:

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It sound to be very interesting in UHD

Yeah, I saw the tech tree and it actually fit well as far as AoE 2 is concerned…