Theocracy doesn't work

Hey, I don’t think it’s a bug. I am probably getting it wrong, because it would be such an obvious bug. Shouldn’t the tech “theocracy” do the following:

When 2 or more monks convert (the same) enemy unit, at the same time and the conversion was successful: exactly one of the participated monks needs to rest, all others don’t? i.e. the 2nd progress bar over the monk is empty and this monk needs to wait, until it can convert again, i.e. convert doesn’t work immediately again for this monk?

When I try this with theocracy fully researched, still all monks that convert an enemy unit have to rest after this single conversion finished.

i have seen simmilar issues with theocracy. sometimes it takes effect even in castle age before i researched it. but i dont remeber noticing the tech not working. what you described is the effect you should see. i would recomend more testing as i cant think of a reason you are getting that result. it could be a scenerio bug. are you seeing this result in a ranked game?

I’ve only played campaign so far. And I don’t remember any scenario where it works as intended. So it seems to be a bug, though. I’ll give it a try in a non campaign offline and online match aswell.

campaigns and scenerios are notoriously buggy. people only realy care when bugs impact multiplayer

Okay, didn’t expect that.

btw due to some framerate issues in some specific camapgin missions, I’ve reinstalled the entire game recently. This didn’t fix this issue neither.

yea i dont expect you to be able to fix the issue for campaigns. there are so many triggers perhaps its an intentional change. however if you are looking to see if a mechanic is a bug for the game you should play it in a ranked game. there are so many issues in the campaigns that its clear the devs dont care much for fixing them. like currently when you get a gate it takes damage every time it opens which is a much bigger issue.

I can confirm the bug doesn’t occur in a standard offline game. So it’s probably only related to campaigns. Of course this sucks, on the other hand, I’m proud that I am going to finish all campaign scenarios on hard, soon - even with this handicap :smiley:

like currently when you get a gate it takes damage every time it opens which is a much bigger issue.

Ouch, haven’t seen this, yet. Indeed, that is more of a problem.

Thank you for the reports, both the Theocracy as well as Gate issue are currently being tracked.