Theorizing new strategies with the new civs

So I made this because with the Ethiopians and Hausa coming along, and them having lots of unique unexplored features, there has to be some outside of the box strategies that are also viable, for example with the Ethiopians it could be possible to age with Portugal to age2 then ship 700 influence and build monasteries to get 3 organ guns for an anti semi ff timing attack. Or Hausa could semi ff then ship the extra cattle to get tons of influence then get lots of influence costing units early into the game, what other potential ways could these unique features be used? So much potential that we haven’t discovered yet.

I imagine there are other ideas some creative people on this forum have so I’ll be interested to hear, once the civs come out officially for everyone that’s when the phase of trying to see how we can improve upon the ideas we came up with and how to make the build order better.


I’m looking forward to trying them on water.

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Who knows…
Maybe all players will do the same as the “Japanese ashigaru spam” with the one musketeer unit that has the dual armor and stances. They looked REAL tough on previews.

Then again, could be wrong, maybe another type of unit will prevail in the African meta.

For Ethiopia it seems like the musks are mainly good early but once you can get the abus guns ( I forgot the name ) that is probably their best unit.

For Hausa the archers seem like a great early game unit and the knight units are very tanky, and the javelin riders look strong also.

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The archers are underrated atm, actually a really strong unit with the range card.

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100% agree, they have a card to gather res too like the Finland revolt, Hausa in my opinion are an amazing age 2 civ because the archers and the javelin riders are both age 2 units so you have an above average goon and an above average archer in age 2, I feel like Hausa could also semi ff very well too because of the Corsair marksman, I watched fitz bro on stream and those units seem beastly, unfortunately they can’t be upgraded to Guard in age 4 and can’t get imp in age 5 either, so after that the archer becomes the unit of choice again, the Hausa musketeer like unit seems decent too but I much prefer the javelin rider as anti cav.

Hausa have a card that makes farmers slowly gather wood, I like this a lot and I mean a lot a long time ago I talked about how it could be a good card for hauds since thier late game units cost wood, Hausa late game units also cost wood so I definitely think this card is useful if your in a team game/ treaty where you can get to age 4 to supplement your wood consumption.

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Yes I was watching drongo when he first tried out the hausa. The placement of the universities seem key to maximize influence, I think it’s probably good to increase university limit whenever possible, and always get trading posts.
The card that increases influence from tp’s and the berber tech for more tp income can really help you get a lot of influence, seems a lot to invest though and I think influence gather rate needs to be increased slightly. Influence cost for walls needs changing asap too.
The archer does look good, especially when carded, agree with the corsair as well really good unit.
The new civs are quite weak vs artillery though, I think they need some way to reliably and cost effectively counter mass cannons, to make culvs you need a tech and then a lot of influence for each 1.
Hausa lack an artillery shipment age 3 too.

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Agreed, I think it’s important to improvise with these civs to counter falcs, ideas I have is the Hausa culvs unfortunately you need a tech to make them, the Ethiopian mortar is probably their best way, for Hausa I think the javelin rider is the best for them, either way it’s definitely safe to say artillery is the weakness of the Hausa, Ethiopia probably can survive artillery better with their mortars and maybe the abus gun like unit, it has good range and a decent group can one shot a falc.

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Yeah the cannoneer is a great unit that can snipe the falcs quite easy, the mortars fairly useless though as it has a 0.1 multiplier vs artillery so it only does 1/10th of normal damage.
The cav should be fine for most people yeah, just at high level like top 100 it’ll be hard without culvs, I guess if they boost influence rate the culvs will be easier to afford.