There are actualy 3 armor tipes in the game... Wow!

Hi Guys! I found this very interesting video from twest

So there are actually 3 armor tipes in the game now?( melee, pierce and “anti leitis”)

There’s actually many more.
Just from memory:

  • cavalry
  • elephant (elephants also have cavalry armour)
  • camel (camels don’t have cavalry armour)
  • removed camel armour number 1 (camels still have it)
  • removed camel armour number 2 (camels still have it)
  • Mameluke armour
  • ship armour
  • fishing ship armour
  • buildings
  • buildings excluding wonders
  • stone buildings
  • … and many more

It bugs me that they didn’t name the “anti-leitis” armour either “true damage” or “null armour”.
It’s just one of the many symptoms of the devs not thinking ahead.


Oh well ig they just didn’t bother for a mechanic that was going to be reserved for one unit

Those armour classes are not normally exposed to most players. Only people who are poking around genie editor would know this. Fun to know, but to call it as “devs not thinking ahead” is just a stretch.


he has a point yall

if it was named true damage, it would leave it open to being applied to other units in the future, at this rate we’ll end up with the same nonsense that was camels taking anti ship damage… when they eventually make a new unit that also does leitis damage

it reaaallly pays off to read some of the wiki bruv…

random example : like discovering an elephant archer actually takes even more damage from skirms than a normal cavalry archer… thanks to its negative cav archer class…