There are some events in AoE 4?

Hello, I wanted to ask you if there are events in the game for dates like Halloween or Christmas etc. For example map changes or anything else ?

Hi, I know this topic is several days old, but just when I wanted to reply my machine crashed while trying to run Age3:DE, apparently it didn’t install properly because my machine shut down mid-download. I’ll happily fix it, for now.

Anyway… answering the question:

  • I played the Aoe4 that day before it happened… and “no”, there was no festive event that I know those recent days. No Halloween messages or pumpkins came out. If there was an easter egg somewhere hidden, I couldn’t see it.

Currently for the anniversary ALL Aoe games, Aoe2,3,4 have special events to get prizes, on top of the new season of Aoe4, and the Wololo cup. I guess if they did something Day of the Dead, Halloween, or All Saints Day themed, it would cross over with the current event.

In other games, yes, there was one or another eyecandy: They told me there that in Age3:DE for the day of the dead they released a news item and several residents of the Mexican capital celebrated in a special way. In Aoe2 they grab random dates from old celebrations to do events from one civ or another. There was a christmas event on Aoe2DE once, I think at its premiere, because in the logo image section, there’s one of santa claus.

Thats the link of the event in Aoe3:

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Just to let you know that the Kindred Spirits event is coming to an end.

Women Month Event (AoE2:DE)
On the other hand in AoE II: They have created the “Women’s Month” event, so while you connect the last week of March (Until today) they will give you a lot of Icons of Women from various previous events.

Crazy March (AoE3:DE)
In AoE III: DE there is the “Marzo de Locos” event that will last up to 4 more days. There are 10 trials, and there are some that need 3 games to complete, so be cautious to complete them at time.



Just to announce that there is an event in “AoE2: DE” called *“SPICY EXPEDITIONS”. Started 2 weeks ago and we are in the final stretch but there is still time.

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Celebrate Villagers with Age of Empires IV!

Well, I was leaving it out because it was just starting, but with the “experimental” patch they released (which, by the way, cancels getting the icons from this event) and with less than 12 days to complete it, better warn now or never:

  • Yes friends, there is a Month of the Villager event for AoE IV, celebrating all the times we have “Delete or Suppress” the villager to get more military population in Aoe2… no, wrong game.

  • Ah, that’s it, we celebrate that the villagers now have different models in each Civ… no, that started in AoM.

  • Well, it doesn’t matter, the detail is that now we can celebrate the same villagers unique models of AoM and Aoe3, but in Aoe2 time, in AoE4 with civs like Delhi Sultanate, Abassid Caliphate, Mali, Rus, French, etc, etc

  • Most of the challenges can be completed in skirmish, usually by sending the villagers to do an special activity, "unique" of the civ in question, related to one of the asymmetrical bonuses that make AoE4 civilizations so special (* Ah, that was what we celebrated!)*.

  • You have until “May 18th” to complete all the achievement and get some of the multiple villager icons.

  • So, Hurry up!!! And catch them all!!!

  • PS: One of the challenges, that of the French villager, requires “Playing the 2nd level of the 100 years campaign”. So, remember to shelter all the villagers outside the walls, and that the game leave the message “objective accomplished”, otherwise it is lost time.


Just so you know, the current Season 5 event, Summer (in the northern hemisphere, because we’re freezing to death in the south), is going to end in 10 days.

Also a surprise to everyone, the mysterious beasts will probably DISAPPEAR in 10 days as well. So if you still haven’t found them and won the big prizes, this is your chance, don’t waste it. 10 days left.

My Greetings.

Oh, and also remind you that tomorrow finished a Minecraft event in Age II. Since it’s not a news for the Age IV forum, I didn’t post it, and I was very immersed in a Civ model. By the way, their rules remain the same, you can’t get all the prizes in one day, unlike Age III and Age IV. You can still get the banner for connecting to the game with your account, so that’s something. The Mods will probably also be uploaded by the community so there is no loss. There were no unlockable secret cheats so feel free if that’s what you were looking for.