There is a new survey for AoE 4

You can see it when you log in the game. Take the survey, folks. It helps the devs a ton.



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guys if you want a good future and love the game I suggest you do it!!

this is the link AOE IV Season Five Survey


Done, did not take very long and I hope it helps the devs.

Update: By the way, did anyone else see that the game “Age Of Empires Online” was talked about in the survey?

Wonder what they are hinting at.

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I don’t think we should talk about it, the survey says not to talk about it, also because in this way the community is influenced

There is also a question about “New units” and even “New technologies”. There is even one of which for you is the “Worst civ”, and which is the “Best civ”, including specifying why. It is a really “LONG” survey, more than 15 pages of questions, many of them with free space to write your suggestions.

By the way, don’t be afraid if it seems that the percentage of answers is not advancing, when you reach near 60%, the next page of the survey sends you directly to 99% complete.

hopefully we will have a good result in the near future, it’s not the longest, I remember last year the survey was 1h long, so it’s quite light in my opinion

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