There is a problem with priests being able to convert after multiple savegames in the 4 Emperors scenario

Game Version: AOE:DE

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  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


I am playing AOE DE’s “Year of the Four Emperors” Scenario in the Imperium Romanum Campaign. You start out with 2 priests and a tiny army in the Iron Age and your Civilization is Palmyra. You face off at first against enemy centurions or legions and ballistas in the south of the map. When I click to use the priests to convert the enemy infantry, when the game first starts, they perform conversions. However, after a few saves and reloads from those saves at the beginning of the match, the priests won’t perform their conversions, even though I’ve tried multiple times. The glitch happened after my second savegame in a row. I have been playing in Hard mode, but I expect that the same thing will happen in other Difficulty settings.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

Start a new match of the official “Year of the Four Emperors” Scenario in Hard Mode. Use your priests to convert the enemy units that come out to attack you from the city gates in the south. Then save the game. Then play for 30 seconds, then resave your game, then reload it again. Then try to use your two priests to convert more units while they have 100% conversion power.

This bug did not always happen. I retried the match a few times from different savegames and on Try #4 or 5, the bug didn’t appear. I also don’t think that it’s a big deal because you can still beat the mission without much trouble anyway. About 4 minutes into the match, Rome declared War on me, even though I hadn’t attacked its buildings. I thought that this was a little odd, and I don’t know if that is set to happen.

Despite me playing on HARD, I found the mission relatively easy, which is surprising for me because I find the HARD AI on AOE:DE in general in Random Maps to be rather difficult. What was surprisingly easy about it was that the Brown enemy occasionally sent Brown cavalry into my base but they got slaughtered by my towers and didn’t break through my Colosseum Wall and the Yellow enemy sent archers, but they got soaked up by the towers too. The Orange enemy was practically a stationary force, although I did have to attack its towers with my catapults.

I also don’t know if this easiness is deliberate or not. Some reasons why it might be intentional or not a problem:

  1. Maybe the 3 other main AI enemies are set to enemy against each other, and since they fight each other, it makes your job easier.
  2. I have played a lot of other scenarios, so I’m maybe above average when it comes to Single Player missions. So I knew to train a lot of villagers.
  3. I knew from playing the AOE:ROR version to put towers and walls around my Wonder for defense.
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As I’ve also mentioned before - with a few exceptions, I too found the missions quite easy even on the hardest level. But it’s probably, as you suggest, just experience.

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OK, that helps to know.
I thought that ACTIUM was a good challenge on HARD for me. I beat it on HARD but it needed good tactics.

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Okay, that was really one of the hard missions. I also needed a few attempts.

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The AOE:DE Varus mission (Mods Single – Age of Empires) (Age of Empires Heaven :: Varus, oh Varus), I thought was pretty challenging, and am curious what you think of its balance. It is not an official mission, but it’s been out since 2018, so I wanted to play it for years even before I got AOE:DE. I beat it on EASY mode but I repeatedly lost on STANDARD to HARD mode and never beat it on those.

It might take special tactics to win, like walling in your base with houses and relying on archers and towers for defense because your own base’s stone is limited and you need it to make either towers or slingers to take out the enemy towers. That might have been what a Reviewer on Heaven Games chose to do to be able to win. I had mixed success sending my villagers out to the stone piles on the map edges early on.

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I have only played the official normal campaigns. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the ones created afterwards.

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The only campaign I’ve ever been able to finish legitimately in AoE 1 is the tutorial campaign.


Try the Reign of the Hittites campaign. I managed to finish it and I am not a pro. It was challenging and very rewarding for me to finish it without cheating :hatching_chick:

Look at the bottom right section on the main screen.

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