There is a way to increase the horizontal field of view

I only just discovered this. It might be possible with AMD graphics cards as well, but with Nvidia, you can create a custom resolution for a wider screen ratio. I have a 2560x1440 monitor, and created a custom resolution of 2560x1080. If you do this, then AoE 4 will give you the same vertical field of view as normal (but obviously you’ll only have 1080 pixels rather than 1440 pixels), and an increased horizontal field of view. You will, of course, have black bars top and bottom, but some may prefer to run the game like this. By rotating the view, I was able to get my entire initial base and resources on the screen at the same time.


Or, if you are good at coding, you could just change some game parameter whit some code and get the resolution you want.

Or, you could glicht the field of view whit a thir party programme.

But, it is illegal to do this and i do not recommande it.

Any way, the game field of view is intentionnel by the developers.

What motivated me to investigate this is I saw a review of a 16:9 monitor that has a 21:9 mode where it letterboxes to behave as if it were a 21:9 monitor. I thought surely it must be possible to get the same result another way, and it is, using a custom resolution. The field of view when you use a custom resolution to create a letterboxed wider aspect ratio is exactly as the developers intend when someone uses a monitor of that aspect ratio. It just saves you money by allowing you to have a 21:9 or 32:9 or 48:9 (triple 16:9 screen setup) monitor without having to buy hardware that provides it natively. You will probably have a smaller screen and lower resolution than if you bought the native hardware, but personally I still prefer playing the game at 2560x1080 and getting the wider field of view.