There should be a real map preview instead of a simple map icon which doesnt present anything at all

I dont see why it cannot make it that when player click the maps, it can provide a real sample map showing what the map actually is.
We have map rotation that often, every time a new rotation comes up, it’s really annoying of not knowing what the map actually look. The default icon and a one sentense map description doesnt present what it should be at all.

It’s called marco polo.
Srsly it takes 10 seconds to load a map.

I agree, a feature like this would be nice, but it’s too much work.
They should fix the existing bugs first, before going for new features.

It’s a thumbnail. What do you expect? The current icons already show the terrain very well. If you want to know how many sheep/boars you get you have to open a single player game anyway.

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sometimes I wonder people here against something just because they like to say no to others.
I really dont see why this improvement is bad at all.
I raised this thread just because I dont want to open a single game for every new maps.