These graphics are perfect for AOE IV

Initially when i saw the trailer especially the walled city of british civ , it gave me cossacks 3 vibes but when other things in the trailer were displayed like mongol civs and their very unique way of fighting. I was watching the trailer on 480p but it looked gorgeous on more higher definitions.

the 4k screenshots i checked on reddit are making it look beautiful.

I think the little graphical optimization is done so that we can enjoy big battles. Each civ is looking unique, if u see mongol civ has a very unique town.

I just can’t wait to see other civs with what unique traits they have got. The graphics are fine too, gives me old school AoE 2 vibes (yes in some moments they tend to look cartoonish but you can overlook them)

I also wanted it to cover all eras from ancient to modern but i am fine with what they are doing.

Very happy to see a new game after almost 15 years!!! Let’s celebrate :slight_smile:



The new age will have 10+ unique civs. We only saw that walled british city

yes i was thinging the same thing, The Settlers and AOE 4, same art style.


The new settlers seems much detailed

Please provide your authority for this. They have announced 2 civs only and have said nothing about the total number.


I think there is big difference between the two. First and foremost, the weather system is non-existent in Settlers. No fog, no rays of sun. Plus Age IV has a huge depth of field. If nothing else, we can see everything in very detailed and differentiate things on the screen. That’s a sign of a good graphics. We hated when age III came out, because it didn’t look like the II, but that game still holds today. Graphic is just one aspect of the game, don’t lay all of your love for that alone. Gameplay is where they make or brake the game.

There is also an IGN interview by Adam Isgreen. This is just two civs from a campaign story. There are more, he didn’t say any number though.

Graphic Is a big part of a modern game. It helps with immersion into the story, the Battlefield and the horror of war.

I was expecting to see something like this

Sorry, but AOE4 Looks too cartonish.


These aren’t cartoony graphics but seems more of a painting like graphics

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Yeah, 100% agree. That’s why we have to know more about the historical aspect of this game, meaning where it is actually set on. Adam Isgreen said, the current Age in age IV spans from pre-medieval to renaissance, so to me, it looks to be fitting. He, however, said that there is more to it, he didn’t reveal everything. So who knows, it can spans many periods. Graphics are fine my man, relax. Watch out for the gameplay.

I like the graphics.
Art style works because it is clean.
The color gives clarity to gameplay.
Those who want grimdark graphics should be given graphics filters.
The devs should give us different graphic filters for how we like it.