These models of units are still fine, but could you please give more love to Spearmen?

Honestly, I was very excited to saw those pictures of new civs.
But, what the hxxx is this? I thought it would be strange enough to let orient spearmen holding European guisarme, but how about you guys let Japanese spearmen holding a lance?


Actually Relic does very concerned about MAAs and knights, but they always been too indifferent to the spearmen since a long time, they even made characteristic spears for Mongol, China, and France without using them, which is a great pity.


In fact, even if you let the spear of those orient civ’s spearmen not upgrade with the Ages, it would be better than now.
And Japanese also have their unique spears, there’s no reason for ashigaru to use lance. This is AOE4 but not Monster Hunter Rise.

At last, I’d like to mention that again.
Please deploy the characteristic spears of Mongol, China, and France to spearmen’s idle pose, rather than letting those weapons suddenly flash out during the time of charge.

You could start to solve this from the simplest, after all, you have already created spear model for these three civs, this will let us know that you are not completely indifferent to this issue.
We often train a large number of spearmen in the game, which makes this problem not something that can be ignored.
We also hoping to see distinctive spears belonging to each civs in the future.


I think those are placeholders, probably they will be replaced by yari


Well, If they change the spears, Relic thinks that their most beloved “Pro” players won’t be able to distinguish the spearmen and therefore would create confusion. So they will keep the boring single type of western spear for the sake of simplicity.

I have asked them to change it a lot, and it is not that difficult too.
So there is clearly a “Pro” influence there!


Yeah, that’s really regrettable. Relic shouldn’t follow such advice that would harm the quality of the game.

I did notice some AOE2 players do not agree using different units’ models for different civs because they said that would make them difficult to distinguish.
However, most AOE4 players havn’t feel uncomfortable for the distinctive units.
Come on, those spearmen are infantry with long weapons, why can’t we find them?

Besides, there are so many units have unique armor and weapon in AOE3, I’ve never heard of anyone who can’t tell them apart.
We only have 10 civs in AOE4, how could anyone be so stupid that can’t distinguish spearmen’s identity and level just because these spearmen are not holding same weapons?


It’s better to be like this, and they should also give same love to other civs.


I get what you mean, but then shouldnt all units use the same european stuff :thinking:

They’ve said that they are going to fix visual but had low priority. The guisarme is also seriously low quality in model and textures compared to the proper weapons.

Fix fix fix

oops, I guess his was saying he felt pity as well, just same to you.

Should be high priority. It is an easy task that would take minutes to fix. It is something that gives uniqueness of these civilizations and makes them stand more out on their own.

Nothing currently excites me about using French spearmen. But, had they been using their real weapons, it would make me far more willing to use them. Why?

Rule of cool.

Games are not just about 1v1 pro gameplay about maximizing every action and having hundreds of APM. They are not always about using the best theoretical build order against the best theoretical units.

AoE2 did a really good job at making me want to play badly. One unit may have a certain mechanic or appearance that just oozes cool or fun, which would have me create strategies just to make that unit shine. You get that in AoE4 sometimes too, Elephants are awful units that people will try to make work. Camel Riders, Horse Archers, Mangudai, Ribauldequin.

I love how the Chinese spears stand out, even if it is inaccurate. And the fact that they have kept this from us for so long is just disheartening. Stack that upon their silence for aeons strategy and it makes it feel like they do not care.


Yess, I kinda formulated it wrong but Im agreeing that it should be correct and pros or whoever just simply have to learn. Just as they would with new factions in any game.

In my opinion it can serve to further see easily which faction is which!

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Yes, although I know they are really busy, however this is a tuning pack that can be made in a few mins, but not a bug that needs to be studied. Solvng this issue will at least show us that they care about this issue.
What I’m most afraid of is that they’ve already forgotten about this.

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how is your sprites for AOEII now

Haha, they’re doing alright!

But I have had 0 chances to work on them, got too much in my life going on unfortunately. I will finish them though :slight_smile:

In fact, I think European pole arms should also be distinguished, as there are really many types.

They just forgot to change the placeholder in that ONE screenshot.
Check the other original japanese screenshot on steam the spearman are correct.


Dont worry spears are fine :slight_smile:

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They should absolutely! There are many appropriate variants that could look so much better than the guisarme.

The abbasid should also get a real pike for their upgrade.

This looks like another special unit, and I still don’t understand the mechanism behind the unit with a flag on its back.
Anyway, it should be very interesting

Blockquote This looks like another special unit, and I still don’t understand the mechanism behind the unit with a flag on its back.
Anyway, it should be very interesting

I dont think its separate units since we saw flags on archer, spears and on horses.
So I think all units will be able to equip flag, maybe by upgrading them or something. Or a landmark will produce flag units that have some kind of bonus. There will be the same spear without flag im sure.

EDIT: Oh if you notice, in the screenshot the flag is actually the barrack flag.

those are same unit in different age

That’s also reasonable, but from this perspective, Japanese has at least three types of melee cavalry if those cavalries who are holding naginata and with a flag on their back are not horsemen.

Why don’t you have a discuss with the person below you for you two have completely opposite views LOL,.