These scenario are unreasonable difficult, really depends on luck. Can someone provide tips?

Bolivar’s revolt just mass up any army you can, mostly cav to protect the cannons, the home city should have like musk and skirm shipments back to back.

Journey thorugh th andes - have the heros and the other units in 2 seperate control group, snipe any of the cav archer that you can with abilities (dont use abilities on anything else). about 2/3rd through the map at like the 2 to last bend abandon your other units and just run with the heroes from cave to cav

Last City of the inca - dont rush to move the cannons to the base. train vils and build towers and houses on the stronghold outside of the base, it should be more then enough to hold the front

Train units and smash the russian base in the back, using the cannons to pressure from all sides. Once the russian base is cleared then just move the artillery to the base (cheese option- send all the artillery card from the home city, they also count)


Spanish will use Falcon to bombard the Tow Center from the mountain just next to TC since beginning, the only way to counter it is ships Falcons from Home City.
BUT these will caused you to lose the precious Falcons, and then you just lose the firepower superior.
Spanish has Falcons and massive infantries waiting for you one after another~

What this scenario’s HUGE PROBLEM is Russian IS UNDEFEATABLE, that just makes you can’t focus on Circle’s side!

Russia is defeatable ofc. Just leave some units behind to kill the autospawns.

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As for the TC, you can ship falconets yourself and the TC should be able to handle it on its own with garrison.

you dont need to keep the beginning town centre though, you can just move on after the first w8ing period,

during the w8ing period there is a micro intensive trick you can do which is to use the heroes, the female hero’s ability has splash damage so aim at the centre of an infantry mass and it should kill like 5 units, then for the archer hero use his ability to snipe the skirms on the hill, you can also use him to agro small unit groups and then lure them to your muskets and just kill them, after that just have some cav and kill their cannons

they only spawn like 10 units from time to time, have a tower and a few units there an you dont need to care

You also never need to care about the Circle side if you just spam tower and houses at the stronghold outside the walls, the stronghold is as OP as it is in the normal game and the towers means that they cant get inside its minimum range

Could you provide hardcore videos to demo for me?

I think you’re in the wrong forum.

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Because the videos I can find are always play with easy level.
That means those video won’t facing the challenges like me.

I have played these scenarios recently on the hardest difficulty. They’re challenging but they’re not unfair. I think the highest difficulty should be challenging.

Maybe play on an easier difficulty?