TheViper's solution to matchmaking

Old tweet but what do you think?

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I was starting to thing that something like this was needed

I noticed that, when I play megarrandom, my oponents are far worse players than me, and when I play arena I am stomped. There are no fun in those matches because of the disbalance because one olayer d9nt want to play arabia and the other does

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I have the exact same thing happen to me! Arena players have perfected their booms and builds for that map. My play seems to excel only on Arabia and MegaRandom.

I really liked the part that he mentioned to have 10 random civs to select from. It seems Viper also support to have in-game draft ban system like the topic I wrote before Should the ladder get a ban draft?

The problem with his “solution” is that some people don’t care to play outside from what they want. They only want to play one thing only
Viper solution only fix one side of the problem: a player that is open to play outside their comfort zone but definitely don’t want to play with some maps or some civs
What about those player than only want to play Arabia and Franks?
Let’s be fair, there is not a straightforward solution for matchmaking


And at least pertaining to the maps this is exactly what we already have.

Solved since (aprox.) 2020.