They buffed Gurjaras

If you put 8 sheep in the Mill, you get the same result, but if you split those in 2 Mills, the food generation gets much better, by 36%.10% bonus damage nerf is useless, it does nothing their Camels and Armored Elephants still delete everything. Shrivamsha Rider is basically unchanged, a small nerf will not do anything and the elite upgrade is cheaper lol


Yeah… this seems kind of broken. Just nerf the food rate from the sheep mill bonus. No crazy stuff like this. With 2 mills, you get basically a free farm that does not need to reseed.

How about splitting it into 8 mill?

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Isn’t worth it. The optimum amount for sheep in mills in terms of investment/output is 3 and 4 (they are identical). Less sheep in a mill has lower payoff and probably not worth it.

I just hope devs will make the effect staggered. I think it would be fine if it was about 75 % of that in dark age, 100 % in feudal, 125 % in castle and 150 % in imp. then it would be perfect imo. I like that new mechanic, it’s just too much food income in dark age in my eyes.


It is a tradeoff; if you want to take advantage of the bonus then you need to build more mills (expend more wood)
I think this is the intended way


After thinking, I think FE should just left the mounted bonus as is, but remove it from armored elephant and also remove bloodlines, so their camels are much weaker vs non cavalry units, and reduce the cost of frontier guards to offset the loss of bloodlines.


It should be 50% for mounted units excluding Armored/Siege Elephants
It would only affect Camels, Light Cav and Genitours

They are killing the game…
I cant believe they actually buffed the TOP OP civ allrdy…
They buffed even shriwamsha’s…


Guys before you all die of heart attacks…this is the PUP.

This is the point of the PUP

It is to test things and doesn’t even remotely guarantee that’s how things will be in the actual patch

So their EA

So their hussars

So their shivs

Are all much weaker. They already have fragile EA. Their hussar is already weaker than average. They already have bad trash.

Why are you so stuck on this? Do you even play the civ? They are incredibly reliant on the stable and there’s tons of ways of nerfing the civ without removing BL

Or are you secretly telling us you expect shivs to get a 15 to 20 hp buff at the bare minimum?


I totally agree with your idea. It seems that the current change of Gurjaras make them lose their identity which they have weak camels vs non cavalry unit but super strong vs cavalry

the amount of HP that those eles get makes lack of bloodlines barely noticable.

Hussars that cost 60F after Kshatriyas…

And pretty much everyone agree they need a nerf and what they got is in fact a buff lol.

You can do that to shri riders ofc, my proposal is mostly to nerf the camels.

gurjaras win rate is above %60 in moth close and open maps !
What u are talkin about my friend ?
term ‘‘much weaker’’ is just an exagration to bo honest.
%50 more bonus to %40 is a joke. Shoudl be at least %33 or something…
Shriwamsha shield regen speed should be halved also dodge projectiles should be indicated to arrows only.Not spears & bullets.

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While on the other hand I do like the idea of making more mills to garrison sheeps separately in to make more food, I also think what actually happened was some code going wonky and not counting all mills together.

I think the intended change is so that your first few sheeps bring in more food, while in total it’ll be same (as SotL outlined), and maybe through the implementation it somehow started resetting the diminishing returns per each mill instead.

They’re already nerfing the shield regen speed (and maybe could a little more, but not that much - you don’t want to kill the unit that is otherwise very meh anyway). I do agree it’s a little funny for gunpowder units to also count as one projectile, but perhaps that’s precisely why this is as it is right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hard to differentiate between an arrow projectile and a gunpowder one.

I think we’ll eventually see the bonus damage brought down to 33% and remaining for all units. If it stays at 40%, I’d expect it removed from Armored Eles at least.


Actually it’s gonna be super easy, barely an inconvenience. (Or should be, since all projectiles have a different ID and they should be able to define it based on that.) On paper, I’m okay with the idea of Shrivamshas having this mechanic (still the weirdest part of the new DLC IMO) as sort of a different way of implementing what might otherwise have been high pierce armor, but it has some strange implications, like being weirdly good vs. units with melee projectiles as well as gunpowder units in a way that high pierce armor units are not. As well as making BBTs even more useless as a defensive tool.


If so, I would like Shrivamsha to only dodge Arrow projectiles then, yes. Or maybe Gunpowder projectiles can like, take up multiple charges.

Why you are so obsessed with removing bloodlines as nerf?

Did any official patch have any change to PUP before? I don’t remember.


Berbers FU hussar costs 64 food and requires no UT. Yet I don’t see people complain about it


What if they Remove Husbandry from Gurjaras, they already have a fast Unit i.e. Shrivamsha Rider for raiding and aggression. Frontier Guards with +4 armor is a defensive Tech and their chakram throwers also feel somewhat defensive.
It would be an interesting profile

Also Dravidians will be quite happy with Husbandry added to their tech, they are soo slow currently

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Yes they did and thats why we keep posting stuff here


mounted bonus should drop to 33%, equal to siclians bonus reduction. shrivamsha elitè cost change is not a big problem but the base unit is too cheap, and their “nerf” is laughable at best. problem is they deal too much damage too fast and too cost effectively

mill bonus change i do not think it will impact them as a nerf, could be actually seen as a buff, which is kinda silly when the civ sit at 60+% winrates…