They need change this to african civs

I use them all the time they’re great, ranged attack is best when foes are retreating close in with melee mode
Collision and pathing are big issues for cavalry, less so for shock infantry, who have an easier time with obsticles.

####### ranged attack is best used in the following 1) taking out skirms in big mixed batles when melee is too risky and 2) preventing foes from regrouping after you’ve already closed the distance. enemies retreat in lines and it’s hard to get a good surround before at least half the enemy has reached the safety of a fort or a square of heavy infantry.

Ironically I also sometimes use trample mode with hussars and such for similar reasons, for the aoe to snare more enemies usually only with one or two hussars, while the rest have a few extra seconds to surround and cut off enemies.

Oromos suck, uselessness, low hp, slow and overpriced

Why can’t they beat artillery like Yabusame at range in same pop?

Japanese have Flaming Arrow and Yabusame for anti-artillery .

Ethiopian have none. Building a expensive palace, 400 influence 40 sec for a stupid tech, 500 influence for a single Culverins.
European just FF and send 2 cannons. Ethiopian can only send a Sebastopol Mortar with 0.1 vs artillery.

Javelin Rider nerfed again and again, suiciding them into cannons are more expensive now.

Sudanese Dervish and outlaw rush nerf turn Ethiopian into trash. Can’t stop FF and can’t defend FF.

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It’s still better than asian options, influence is easier to get than export.

Also Flaming arrows suck, they’re the only thing that japan has that’s not OP: 6 RoF low damage. frail hp
Sure they’re better than not having trainable cannons at all but you still can have falconets via spanish.

Oromos are almost are useless as macemen.

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Influence is easier to get, but you also need way more of it because there are a lot of things that cost influence. And there is no other option for getting artillery other than spending 900 influence in early age 3.

It’s also weird that Indians have 0 unique ships.

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