They need change this to african civs

they should change the research time of this technology with the African ones, because it is investigated very slowly and apart from that it costs influence 400+ if I’m not wrong the Africans suffer with a very large mass of cannons and against the Spanish and Ottoman ff Another thing that African civilizations also suffer from is turtle strategies due to lack of siege that both cannot mass the cannons because it depends on the influence they get


They should get rid of that tech and have them recruit artillery through ‘shipments’ like how Italy recruits Papal units.

A way to convert a portion of the cost to a different resource type would also be good.

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Make it 100 influence and still need to be researched so a palace is needed to be built and that’s ok, that way it’s still not as easy as euro civs to get cannon and still expensive costing all influence but not so expensive that it’s barely possible in supremacy.

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You’d still need a palace to recruit them even if you completely got rid of the tech.

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i like it and they need change the speed time of research is too slow

Totally agreed, African civs have painful time against cannon in early age 3.


That’s the whole point of the African civs to only have below average access to cannon. That’s the civs general weakness. Also imagine it’s a historical theme that’s turned into a gameplay debuff.

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I’m fine with it,

It’s a sppedbump on gettting european artillery, still easier than the asian way through consulates.

I don’t want redcoats with my falconet thanks I already have sepoy that’a waste of half my export.

So I think asians should get this in their consulates and get all standard artillery.

At least Hausa has actual melee cavalry to charge after cannons. Ethiopia doesn’t even have that option.

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Ethiopian hussars have a ranged attack so you can kill skirms in tight spaces. without having to go all the way, and just getting poked by pikes .

So you don’t need falonets as much.

If all you want is artillery than yes it is. But unlike export, influence is needed for a whole lot more and if you spend too much on cannons then you have to sacrifice getting essential techs, mercenaries, natives, and some shipments.

The Asians also have independent means of dealing with artillery (siege elephants, hand mortars, flaming arrows), while the Africans have basically nothing. Ethiopia even lacks viable heavy cav.

No, Asians should have their own artillery. It’s absurd that civs like the Indians don’t have any.

Oromos are absolute garbage at range so no, they don’t replace Falconets. The problem with Ethiopia is that they have no counters for cannons not that they can’t deal with Skirmishers.

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O-riders just need to be microed. They’re excellent units if microed.

They aren’t as easy Z-move as dragoons are.

Stop this censorship Why can’t I mention O Riders?

shotel have more HP then coyotes, less range resist but tat doesnt matter when countering cannons.

they also have arsenal for more HP and potentially go into sudanese for melee armour so they can make resist being melee

sounds fine to me

Remember the ranged resistance that artillery have.

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That’s why I said micro, their damage is high enough that if you park them near skirms they do high damage with a high rate of fire even with range resist they do huge damage and hurt them badly. Against artilery you turn on melee attack.

They substitute artillery by being able to counter skirmishers in situations where other cavalry can’t.

I do something similar with hackapelit against musketeers I go into stagger mode and they do really well, then melee the skirms.

They’re at best slightly below average if microed. But microing them should basically always involve putting them into melee mode since their damage output will be doubled.

They’re not a dragoon, they’re heavy cavalry that does none of what heavy cavalry should do.

Is it seriously censoring ##### ? This new system they’ve got is a joke.

Coyotes are faster and have higher attack. That’s what actually matters when suiciding them into cannons. Aztecs also have arrow knights to take out cannons.

Shotels are a fine unit that does the job against infantry but they are sub par for raiding and taking out artillery.

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That’s wasting their strengths, Just move them in close so they can have a rapid fire ranged attack. no need to deal with pathing with ranged attacks you just need to move in close to maximise damage. of course you should melee attack cannons but skirms type are frail enough that a ranged attack from up close will overwhelm their range resist.

Melee yes but not for everything, use your judgement. It’s a micro intensive units but it’s a very potent one if used correctly.

Say you’re in melee and they’re retreating but trees and buildings and other obstructions get in the way switch to range and you have like 72 ranged attack with a RoF of 1.5.

I never said they were goons, I said they aren’t as easy to use as dragoons.

Against skirms it is always better to use them in melee. Skirms have 30% range resistance and Oromos’ peak ROF is only on par with melee. Best case scenario you can do 70% of their melee damage and worst case scenario at maximum range (like when they’re retreating), they’ll be doing 26.25% of their melee damage. Skirm’s damage output against them is the same in melee or range but since they kill skirms quicker in melee, they’ll take less damage overall. If you’re microing them you’re not going to lose 30% of your damage output to bad pathing.

The problem with the unit is that the answer to if they should be in melee is basically always yes. Against heavy infantry is the only time they should use their range, but even then they’re not great due to a x0.5 multiplier.

As they are now, the unit just doesn’t work as intended. It also doesn’t serve the heavy cavalry role that Ethiopia needs. To make it somewhat viable it needs stats something like this: