They need nerf this cannon of sweeden

i dont know why devs dont nerf this unit yet i think they release like 10 patch and never touch this unit from sweeden etiopían cant deal vs this spam of cannons

and the car light gun they need move it to age 4 that card is a upgrade age 4 cannon


Mmm y que tal usar a lo shotel Warriors? puedes poner a los shotel warrior en modo defensivo y hacer que aguante un 50% los daño de asedio y de paso usas a los neftenias para acabar con los carolinos que intenten acercarse, incluso los etiopes tienen a los somalies los cuales tienen un guerrillero con 25 de rango el cual hace 17 de daño y con un bonus x5 contra artilleria, sumado al hecho de que los cañones de cuero solo resisten 50% de ataques a distancia

correccion ya no sirve ese guerrillero y solo puedo hacer 10 y tiene menos rango 22 en edad 2 y en edad 3 tiene 23, por la cantidad de cañones no sirve hacer esa unidad como veras el tiene como 20 cañones 30 carolinos los shotel no sirven ya en 3 edad y mi mosquetero pierde contra el carolino por la vida y la velocidad de disparo no me le puedo acerca porque si se pone a melee me ganan y con los guerrillero no puedo por los cañones

This unit has been stealthily OP from the begining, but it was overshadowed by the carolean.


Yo quitaría la reducción del coste de población,

Just make a few oromos if they mass that many leathers. Those somali skirms probably do decent vs them as well.

Lol your coment Is so dump why i Will do cav if carolean kill cav please dont coment my post Any more plis you dont know nothing about the game @OriginalKnot717

Ok, if you’re going to be rude I’ll tell you straight. I’m sorry but unless you totally suck I don’t get how they can have that many leathers shown in the image AND a large enough mass of caroleans to defend them. In leather cannons alone there’s 5600 resources invested so the only conclusion I can arrive to is that you suck to let someone get that many at 17 minutes game time.


Lol :rofl: still dont know nothing, you think you are a pro player ? You dont know how sweeden eco Is, sweeden eco are strong the fac that cannon cost food that make it Easy to do @OriginalKnot717

Let me just repeat 5600 resources invested in 14 leather cannons is noob level I’m afraid, I’m guessing you let him get all 20 torps for free as well judging by the map. Even in the old days of OG drongo sweden letting an opponent get 14 leathers was unheard of outside of noob games. I’d suggest you watch the replay and learn where you went wrong because this is embarassing, even worse that you’ve actually posted it for all to see.


man caroleans beats gasgenyas, because they shoot more fast and have more hp sweeden is the only one who have cannons in age 2 etiopia cant make artillery, is too slow make artillery for etiopians i think they need fix that for african civs @OriginalKnot717

They probably beat them by a small amount yes but that would depend on the range as gascenya fire faster at close range and move faster than caroleans, there’s 2 gascenya upgrade cards in age 2 as well compared to 1 for caroleans. If you mix in the native dervish I’d imagine they do very well vs caroleans.

You also have strong cannoneer shipments in age 2 and age 3 which should deal with leathers very quickly and caroleans. In age 3 neftenya will also beat caroleans and should stand up better than normal skirms vs leathers.

There will always be the issue of culvs being hard to get but at least as africans you have the option while other natives have nothing to deal with artillery but cav units. I do think the tech at the palace should just be 100 influence or something considering each culv costs a lot of influence and it’s not easy to come by.

Anyway for age 2 if you’re worried about the 2 leather shipment just send 8 cannoneers and pair them with gascenya, for age 3 it will depend on how well you’ve prevented the torp boom. Gascenya can siege well and are very fast at 4.5 speed so you should be able to prevent the torp boom in age 2 then ship 700 coin and go fortress and ship the mortar and start sieging his town, you can’t afford to let him get 20 torps down though or you’ll never win regardless of civ.

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It is possible for Sweden to spawn 15 in one go once their boom is done. The unit costs mainly food. And sweden has plenty of that if they boomed correctly.

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Leather cannons are good units especially early in a game if a player can mass a few of them. But they aren’t OP. I feel like sometimes people will say units are OP because they got beaten by them recently , not because they actually are OP.

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opino lo mismo una vez me ganaron usando un monton de cañones de cuero aunque el jugador que me gano obtubo como 6 cañones de cuero y 15 carolinos al minutos 6:30 asi que algo de trampa estaba haciendo xd