Thick Wood mod corupted

Hello everyone,

I want to do the event’s mission, but I can’t enable “Thick wood’s” mod.

While downloading the mod throught the game, the download finish without issue, but, when I’m going to “mod manager”, It say “incomplete”.

I restart my game, the game notify me that the mod is corrupt, and give me a pop-up to “unsubscribe” and “subscribe” again.

The issue persist, same thing as above.

How can I fix this please ?

Thank you.

Game information :

  • Steam
  • build aoe age4 6.0.878.0
  • French

Thanks for raising this. It looks like the file was corrupted and I’ve republished it. If you try again, it should work now.

Hello DodoNotDoDo,

It worked, I could use the mod, and I finished the event’s mission.

Thanks for your work.

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