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I really like the new age of empires but there are things that can be better. One thing that I would like to point out is you guys really need to go back and play the game called empire Earth or Earth empire. One of the things that I loved about that game where the size of the maps and it was also things like guards that I loved which would walk the perimeter guarding everything that you have built. All you had to do was press the guard button and that guard would walk the whole perimeter and if any enemy came close that guard would automatically attack. Another thing is the different ages which only goes so far in this game. Games like this will be so much more fun if you can make it to a modern age. Other than those things I really like the game and I really feel like you guys have done a good job.

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I consider Empire Earth perhaps the pinnacle of RTS games, so I agree too - there’s a lot of great elements AoE4 should copy in!

Among the already described behaviors, I’d add things like…

  • EE’s waypoint system, where when you select a unit with any sort of directed path the game showed that path as a line, with flags at each waypoint if there were any. Basically applying the Send-Built-Units-Here line to any unit directed to go somewhere.

  • Provide a way when a Group is selected to select individual units in the main content box - I know I have 6 priests in the group, but I they’re scattered and I want to see where this specific one is, that sort of thing.

Beyond those off the top of my head, I’d like to see an expansion with maybe 2 additional Ages - a common point of criticism is that IV is basically II re-made, covering the same time period. I’d like to go a bit further.

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Adding 5 vs 5 wouldn’t hurt my feelings.


Completely agree. There’s so many things they could implement just by paying attention to Earth empire. I loved that you could just press the guard button on any unit and they’d automatically walk the perimeter of the village you’re building. Instead, you have to place soldiers which just stand there. That’s boring to me. Your village will come under attack somewhere were there’s nobody at which takes too long for you to get there. Now either your wall or building is destroyed versus soldiers already walking around patrolling which would automatically attack the threat. Plus I hate that there’s no explore command in AOE 4 where they’ll automatically walk the map and the same for the boats

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For a 2021 version of AOE, the maps are very small also

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Maps (especially team maps) are gigantic. For casuals it is fine, but for a competitive game it would be slow and boring.