Things I Expect from the Scenario Editor

I like making scenarios. They’re fun. So I figured it might be fun to speculate and give my suggestions on what I want from the scenario editor.

  1. A search bar. We’ve all done it, we’ve all struggled to remember where some hero or bush is, so it would be great if a search bar was included so that you could search for what you want, easily. I was quite upset when this wasn’t included in AoE2:DE.
  2. The live control of units, like in AoE3:DE. I didn’t care for AoE3:DE, but I did like the live ability to control units was something I really liked.
  3. A comprehensive trigger system like in AoE2:DE, with the convenience of Trigger Studio. So features like duplicating triggers for all players and accessing the triggers previously left unseen to the player. More control can only help people create better stuff. I would really, really like a “is civ?” trigger, to determine actions based on what civ a player picks.
  4. Really good terrain options, and a not ■■■■■■ cliff editor. AoE2’s cliffs are pretty awful to use, so a cliff editor (since cliffs are in the game) that is smooth to control would be great.

Yeah, really the thing I care most about is good triggers and a search bar. But yeah, those are the things I expect from AoE4.


that is, if we even get a scenario editor.

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I see no reason why they wouldn’t give us a scenario editor.

Dear God, please tell me we’re getting a scenario editor.


not at the releas, but in 6 months. (SOTL mentioned, based on some interview i believe).

In that case, it had better be ■■■■■■■ perfect. It had better have every feature I expect plus every good feature from every Age of Empires game, and every feature I subconsciously want but don’t realise. If it’s gonna be delayed for 6 months, it had better be the best scenario editor ever made for an RTS game, ever. This editor had better put Warcraft 3 to shame. I’d better be able to make more than just DOTA, I’d better be able to make Doom in Age of Empires IV if it’s gonna be 6 months late.

One of the biggest blunders with AoE III was releasing that poor map editor where it was much harder to accomplish anything. I’ve spent a LOT of time tinkering with custom maps in AoE 1, 2, SW:GB and the one in 3 left a lot to be desired.

Most of the tools were ‘ok-ish’ but the most important ones regarding AI or setting up player-specific details was just not executed well enough.

Poor map editor was a huge blow among some AoE fans. It’s a shame because III is a fantastic game.

The map editor and any associated tools are important for the longevity of the game, without a doubt. This is why there is still content for Age of Empires 2, Age of Mythology etc more than a decade after they came out. A year out, the campaign the devs provide often is underwhelming compared to the content the community makes.

Theres nothing to it, Relic already uses a map editor in some form to work on the game, they just need to release it.

I believe it’s because devs have to respect the core game while players can add fun gimmicks to their scenario.

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