Things I still want in AOE4

The improvements to the game over the past year and a half are amazing.
The game has went from incredibly poor, to now really fun to play.

Some of the features I’m hoping to still see from AOE2 in AOE4:

  1. Ability to download and save replays permanently.
  2. Scenario editor.
  3. Guard function on units (like to protect a monk going to get a relic)
  4. Aggressive and Defensive unit stances.
  5. Diplomacy
  6. Regicide, King of the Hill, etc

Bonus: My friends and I find the constant notifications of a wolf attacking a trade cart REALLY annoying.


We have something like that , it’s the content editor, it’s pretty useful but it’s darn hard for beginners , I’m a modder tho so I find it easy after all this time but yeah it’s kind of hard for new people


Agree with 3 and 4 but yea the game has improved significantly over the past year. And the best has yet to come.

Well I meant in the style of AOE2. If they could pull off an intuitive / easy to use scenario editor for AOE 2 in 1999 then they should be able to do it now for AOE4.

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well the way 4 was developed so far is the polar opposite to how the og trio was, thats just cold hard truth, and its reflected in dev priorities

Also, box formation to defend siege engines and monks. Every time I play AoE4 I think about that formation from AoE2.

this existed, although it was clunkier, in aoe3 as well, they merged formations and unit stances and the result is still functional

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