Things not in the 11009 Patch Notes

Based on changes in the game files (github) and feedback shared on AoE4world we figured out a few changes that are not listed in the Patch Notes. Consider this the patched patch notes:


The base damage of Trebuchets are reduced from 150 to 100, bonus damage against buildings and ships increased from 300 to 450, making the total damage increase to buildings 100.
(The notes have been updated to include the extra bonus damage, but there’s no mention of the reduced base damage)

Demolition Ships

The Delhi and Abbasid Explosive Dhow as well as the Lodya Demolition Ship saw their range decreased to match other demo ships, as described in the notes. What’s not mentioned is that the Hitpoints have been decreased from 250 to 200, matching the other explosive ships.

Chinese Imperial Officer Production Supervision

The patch decreased production bonus under supervision from Imperial Officers from 200% to 150% as many people on Reddit noticed too. This is now mentioned as an editor note in the patch notes as unintended bug.


Thanks for the data. I’d love to see more reporter style posts like this!

Very tnx, i didint know about trenuchet increase damage