Things not mentioned in patch notice should be adjust in the future

It is me again, been talking with my other friends at very high elo about the patch note.
Something we think should be look at but not mentioned in the patch note.

  1. RNG

Especially for Mongol, starting gold next to wood line or not is 100 wood + build time different. It is more than 30sec for age2 timing. This is pure RNG but enough to design winning or losing. Map should be adjust or make first Ger cheaper. It is just too much by luck.

Other RNG like relic, and deer location is also huge. Some hybrid maps also with crazy RNG factor.

  1. Stone wall and tower

One thing our group talk about a lot. Some of us think it should be move to age3 for how strong & cheap they are. Other problems like wall able to block units before any construction started, stone wall tower can let vil get on top immediately … Show match tmr between DeMusliM and Viper agreed not to build stone wall show the problem.

Even Mongol tower is nerfed, tower in general still very strong for every civs at 100 cost. We may see more Chinese/English tower rush too.

  1. Water maps

I believe both AOM and AOE3 have way better water maps than AOE4. Island maps should be removed from competitive and focus on hybrid maps with less RNG.

Hybrid map that require players need decide flight land or water is a lot of fun. Key should be both players closer on land, player winning water not able to stop land attack by arrow ships alone.

  1. Back to horseman again…

Many of us still think horseman is bad tbh. It would be better to reverse the last changes. Problem of horseman is they are way too bad in melee right now. The are better in late game, but bad at early game. Which +1 range armor each age my not be the right direction

  1. Keep an eye on professional scout

Not all of us agree on it, some think the speed nerf will not be not enough. As civs like French and Rus are able to get more scout out and have quicker professional scout timing. So still not much change to stop them from taking 3 packs of deer away.

  1. Ram and Trebuchet are too weak, game play focus on aging up

The double nerfs of ram were too much, you don’t see a lot of ram push at high level right now. It is just better to play safe as you don’t have good siege to take down buildings at age2 or 3, games are getting longer and less action. It is too risky to attack, way better to age up for OP units and cannon.

  1. Balancing landmark, units and technologies

Most civs always go for the same landmark. Some for technologies barely got researched. The patch notice mentioned cav archer attack speed, which Mangudia is not a good units even bug make them shooter quicker, and Mongol with OP eco right now. Balancing those opening more different way to play the game, rather than always go for the same build.

Those are things I can think of right now… Maybe add more later.

I wouldn’t mind taking most of the RNG out of this game. I’d rather have 10 good variations for each map and leave it at that.

Wouldn’t be an age game then. AoE2 tons of RNG… it’s just better implemented for the most part.

  1. RNG

Map gen needs work and they did mention map changes, current balance issues are mostly around that resources are placed based on distance from TC meaning sometimes they spawn on the wrong side of a river/mountain, hopefully that is one of the things they fix.

  1. Stone towers

Is this really a concern? I’ve really only seen this as a niche cheese strat that is unpopular and only works by suprise (since when is spending like 300 stone in feudal cheap for a tower and small wall section?

  1. Water maps.

I agree, they did mention fixing demos. I don’t think they should remove islands, but I hope in upcoming ranked it either isn’t in rotation or there are map bans.

  1. Horseman

Will need testing to see the horseman, but with 2 armor they take 45 archer hits to kill in feudal which is insane, so they actually do their job.

  1. Pro Scouts

This is something that needs monitoring, but now you basically can’t go pro scouts vs English/French cause you just need like 2-3 longbows or a knight to deny deer.

  1. Siege

Trebs and rams have a niche, maybe they could use some changes but with their siege changes coming up that they mentioned hopefully something happens as bombards are a bit to strong relatively IMO.

with regards to mangudai, they did acknowledge on stream today (and someone tested) almost all units have bugged attack speed and they will be doing a larger pass on that soon. It’s fine to mostly go for the same landmark, but some are definitely just bad (tower of victory, burgrave palace, abbey of kings and khaganate palace notably)

[quote=“NyanRacinCat, post:1, topic:192919”]
AOE3 have way better water maps than AOE4.

I totally agree with you on there. I would love if we had maps with models similar to saguenay, borneo or new england. It would make for some interesting games.

I think that is a good change, it keeps the tech viable but at least it won’t be so worth it for a player to prioritise stealing the opponent hunts over their own.

The problem is the RNG impact too much.

When playing Mongol having gold mine next to tc or not just too big.
This is like playing the game you have 50% get -100 res, 50% not. 0 skill involved and pure RNG.