Things that are long pending to be addressed, that majority support

Yours xD

I did use another few a while back. But wasn’t interested in turning them off and on again all the time in addition to the others.

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I don’t care about any of these things except pathing. I think the mild support a lot of this stuff has gotten has become overblown.


I would trade all of the newly added civs for these, but they are not what we must have.

Get real. Passive-aggressiveness is what’s in fashion here.

i’d love regional monks, feels so silly to see christian monks for asian or middle eastern civs


I read all your posts, you guys and gals do support all the points in post. You are just trying to act cool and calling me passive aggressive and all, instead of focusing on what is required. And some of you seem to say Pathing is the priority. That is all.

“Everyone wants them.”
“The whole community wants this civ.”

Except for pathing I don’t really care about any of these things. But as usual with people campaigning with the slogan “everyone”, it’s the special special kind of everyone where some people are suddenly not part of everyone anymore - either that or maybe it’s OP who’s deaf to how (not) wide the support for their ideas really is.

ps titling a forum post “Are the devs deaf?” in a game where we get monthly updates and every bug report gets a dev response within a week without exception is indeed both incredibly passive aggressive and unnecessary.


So you are against the addition of all the other things? Any specific reasons for that?

At least I will know where is it that am judging wrong. I have seen majority voting in favour for all these demands and they have been there ever since they have started. Explain me why do you think otherwise.

Unless it’s a legacy bug to be fixed, I don’t think the game should be changed in general. That covers the architectures and unit skins.

As for new civs in general I’m not really excited to see any. I think the game feels quite bloated as is. The amount of civs was never what made AoE2 a great game, it’s a bit like trying to improve chess by introducing new chess pieces. I will say they’ve managed to implement new civs quite well so far but it’s starting to feel bit shaky with the accelerating pace they’re starting to change the game with techs disappearing and radical civ changes. As a result, AoE2 is increasingly not really the timeless game it used to be. This used to be a game I was able to play with my family even though they weren’t active. AoE2 was a familiar game they were able to pick back up very easily even if they haven’t played for a decade. But that’s all out the window now. It’s not like when I play chess with them they’re outclassed because the way chess works has been updated in the past year and suddenly there’s 10 new different chess pieces they’ve never heard of. So that’s one way the civ bloating has negatively impacted my aoe2 experience. Another one is all the new civ introductions are maybe worthless because a year later they’ve completely changed them and it doesn’t have the same unique techs etc. An example of that is Sicilians, their unique tech was Scutage - I made certain to read up on the new civs even if I don’t play that often. And then a year later (because I don’t play this game super often and there’s a huge amount of civs in the game now) when I played Sicilians, apparently that was gone and there was a new unique tech - something I got to find out in the middle of the game when I should have taken Hauberk already since I was going full knights. So that’s the second point how civ bloating has negatively impacted my aoe2 experience. If you’re not a super active player and play every week or several times per month, the game will leave you estranged very easily. AoE2 simply isn’t the reliably familiar game it once was.

So no, I’m not that excited about getting Tibetans (or any other for that matter) as a new AoE2 civ.

As for architectures and unit reskins, that is moddable.

I won’t stop playing AoE2 if all the changes you want come, but I’m not excited for or want them either and I certainly don’t condone someone trying to represent me as part of “everyone” or “whole community” in a post calling devs deaf for not hurrying to change the game to how someone wants.


I think if you want to reinforce your argument with your polls, stating simply that (eg. “the majority of players want x as indicated by these polls”) instead of invoking “everyone” and “whole community” will not only make your reasoning correct but also make it stronger, not weaker.

@Hjoerleif You need to read what I wrote in OP

I read what you wrote. All the points were supposedly supported by “almost everyone”. Unique castles were wanted by “everyone” (no almost) and Tibetans was wanted by “the whole community”. I still think your reasoning would be more correct and also more convincing if you penned what you actually meant by that regarding the polls. If you said majority due to your polls it wouldn’t be a point of contention but now you’ve painted yourself into a corner arguing about the phrasing everyone and almost everyone. Can some forum poll(s) of Idk how many voters even represent “almost everyone” to begin with? I’m not immediately convinced.

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Summa summarum, better title (don’t call people deaf), and more precise argument (majority indicated by these polls (also actually link the polls for bonus point in credibility) instead of blankly saying “everyone”) and I think it’d go a longer way for you!

Wouldn’t you be more interested in actually discussing how wide the support is for these changes (enabled by referring to the polls instead of just asserting “everyone”) as well as why the changes would be good and needed (instead of receiving responses pointing out your title is rude)?

That’s just my advice but you can simply dismiss what I have to say if you want of course.


The original post indeed sounds a bit aggressive.

But I support all the of the points mentioned getting addressed.

In addition there are a few consistency related problems that need be fixed with the Indian Architecture, giving them unique ship sail and UI graphics. Not having those is kinda jarring when all others have it. Also they can add unique Indian King and Trade Cart Graphics to finish it off.


Ok I have changed the topic name.


:+1: I approve. Thank you

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Whe you are married its a choice or selective hearing.


LoL it is both TBH.

I miss my childhood. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Every instance this topic is brought up, it’s always a consensus that it should be a toggleable option. Those who don’t like it could turn it off.