Things that are long pending to be addressed, that majority support

There are certain things that almost everyone is asking for again and again yet devs are not doing it.

  • Unique Castles for all civs. Everyone wants them. Make it a paid DLC to get for all civs of the base game if finance is an issue .

  • Regional Monks. Ever since regional carts have been introduced this feels like inevitable yet not realised.

  • Central Asian Architecture to Persians.

  • Fixing of the Pathing Issues. Atleast communicate with the People where exactly you are facing issues.

  • Tibetans Civ: The whole community wants this civ. What is China when the players want it in game?

Please devs do all this and prove us that you are listening.


not everyone its nice to have them but not urgent at all

whats urgent should be crash fixes and pathing issue and make sure they dont come back again but we all know how that goes


They pretty much confirmed last expansion that this is not happening.


lmao, even


I have mentioned about Pathing issue in the OP.

yes you have, the other points made aren’t urgent at all imho

if the game is in a state where everything uses the same architecture set then I’d agree more. function should always be put above cosmetic because you can’t even play game properly if they only look nice.

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The points in OP are in no particular order of urgency.

Maybe it’s just that they are unable to fix the Pathing function because of some coding problem. But atleast they need to communicate.

About the crashing, it doesn’t occur with everyone. Never occurred to me.

Maybe you are using too much mod or you have an old PC. Everyone has a different reason for crash so that is something that will need continuous fixing.

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Architecture can be changed really quickly and easily. I would say the priority should also take into account how long it takes for each issue.

Same. I think I have had 2 crashes total in DE. Not sure where the “it crashes all the time” comment keeps coming from, but it does always seem to be the same people commenting it.


here is some advice: maybe try insulting the devs some more, that will surely help


And while at it, OP, remember to insult other players too. I beg you to do this.


because you play limited stuff im assuming. Mods and AI having issue mostly and crash frequently and before you jumping into “mod should be disabled”, know that game is suppose to support mods and not all mods are out of date causing crashes.

further more if those same mods don’t cause crash on prior patch and they do now, while not being changed by the content creator other than patch pushing through without conveying to modders whats changed (outside of patch note) and what the fixes are, then you’ll understand more of the problem others are facing.

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Devs, why can’t you press the ‘Regional monks’ and ‘Unique Castle’ buttons?


I’m going to be honest, I know I’m in the minority, but I’m fine with Persians having middle eastern architecture. I think it better fits their sassananid period.

Also I’ve in the past been against unique castles. It’s visual bloat. But I think we’ve crossed the point where we have enough civs with unique castles that, even if it’s visual bloat, it just seems odd that some civs get unique castles and others don’t.


These items are not urgent. Except for the pathing.

We still have bugs not fixed from 2-3 years ago


You literally said

Please devs do all this and prove us that you are listening.


I play with some mods on when I want to, haven’t had any problems. Even when I had a massive total conversion mod (3 massive mods in one) it caused a little slowdown once every couple of hours, but no crashes.

yeah, I’m in the same boat. I don’t really care about the architecture changes, if they at least keep them with the old set in campaigns I think it’s ok.

as for castles: meh, seems like there are 100 other issues that are more important. I think they will be unique enough due to their size, the only thing they can be confused for are wonders. I don’t really want regional monks, and I really don’t want regional military units. Monks are unique enough in their speed and attack/heal animations and sounds that they are probably still readable, but other units are not.


are you perhaps suggesting all existing active modders who spends hundred of hours into troubleshooting their own mods are at fault here? read the full post you quote on and you’d know more of what ive said

Which conversion mod was it? Just out of curiosity, there’s a couple of them.

I honestly don’t care about the architecture. It would be nice but it’s so low on the list of priorities compared to pathing and bug fixes. I don’t think many people have been calling for a Tibetan civ either. China is the 2nd biggest player base of the game, so there’s no way Microsoft is going to risk jeapordising that for the sake of a relatively obscure civ.