Things that should stay in AOE4 from AOE2 and AOE3

  • Treasures from AOE 3 should stay in AOE4 because treasures give maps more variety and a reason to explore the map for special resources.

  • Having to place Each farm around a mill individually from AOE2 should stay in AOE4 because it would keep the thought that you built the empire your self, you chose where and when to place everything, and it is all yours.

  • Livestock pens/farms from AOE3 should stay in AOE4 because having two separate ways to infinitely collect food, one with a large upfront cost and attention needed but is faster than farming promotes more attention be devoted to your economy.

I dont like the idea of treasures in the middle age. It’s simply not matching historically. At least not as well as in aoe3. Scouting is Realschule Importanz nevertheless. In aoe3 it was needed because the first age was really boring. In aoe2 there’s much to do in dark age.

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from the screenshots seen so far it is safe to say that recource collection is like it was in aoe2
according to that the single placed farms certainly make more sense

lifestock is seen but no indication about the buildings it might belong too (even though it was a lot of lifestock)

and I’ve read in these forums that heroic units seem to be confirmed, it would be a shame if they didn’t have anything to do but scouting - and while some of the treasures fro aoe3 don’t work theres enough one can do
Pirates, Outlaws, Wild animals, lost farmers, small ammounts of valuables stashed away - theres certainly enough to make it interesting

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