Think skirmisher, THINK! [MEME]

:arrow_forward:A little something I did :3

Maybe this will help some new people learn the unit counters (Or at least have a laugh).
I made a bloody version like in the show, but I don’t think it will stay for long if I put it on this public forum hahah :V

Think skirmisher, THINK! Hussars have 20% ranged armor and 6,75 speed in age 2! You can’t hit and run a regiment on an open field without proper counters and expect to win! What resources will you have after you spammed 100 skirmishers to their deaths?!”

I didn’t find a meme for AoE3 with this template, glad I coined it…


Should have been a Falconet crewman.

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Or I could draw a falconet with a face hahah

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