Third Mongol mastery is called mongol_mastery_3

All other masteries have titles (and this one used to, too), but somehow this seems to be the name of the file or something. Probably some small bug somewhere.

Hey @RubyLykos! Is this something you’re still seeing? What language are you playing in?

No, it’s gone. I play in English.

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For those coming from Google: It happens after finishing the second mastery of the mongols. Restarting the game fixes the issue.

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I have the same issue, although restarting the game hasn’t fixed it. I’ll probably try restarting my computer next or just ignore it.

My masteries will not update even when I complete them. I have tried all civilizations, but none of them update.

There are a few Mastery bugs at play, unfortunately. They should start getting better over the next few updates, though!