THIS art style actually NEEDS the BRIGHT COLORS

There are a lot of scenes in the trailer where things look very UNDETAILED, clouded and MISERABLE.

Where is the ‘sun always shines in AoE’? What happened to that?

SOME people complained for the bright colors in the first trailer but IN REALITY this ART STYLE does NOT match with less bright or darker colors, it just makes it look MISERABLE.

If we had some diablo graphics here I would be with you all the way but no, we have a completely different art.

It really needs more vibrancy, more saturation to make this art style look appealing and give it some prominence.

Compare the first trailer city:

With that one:

They are both shoots taken from above. You wont play like that but it is clear in both of them which one looks more beautiful and it is the first one

Those shoots look undetailed. lets say they reduced the textures to make it playable BUT the colors must be more vibrant to AT LEAST compensate for this lack of detail.

The story is similar to aoeo, here we have more details than aoeo but still lowering the vibrancy wont do any good. No details AND no colors will be just a disaster. It looks really FLAT.

FLAT is the word.

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There will be a saturation slider, already confirmed.