This game is a nightmare for any completionist!

For one, most of the home cities were never developed properly. Only the original home cities can be leveled for improvements and customization. Then, too, I’m trying to play just one skirmish where I can use every card in the deck and complete every improvement. I tab out during the excessive downtime, of course, but the opponent keeps wanting to surrender, which pauses the game. Are there any workarounds or mods that provide a complete game?

edit: It just occurred to me that the surrender pause might only happen with the default game selection. I’ll have to check to see if I can customize it for no surrendering. The problem of unfinished home cities, persists, however. If the developers refuse to complete their game, I’d love to see modders finish this part.

edit II: Seems that even leveling and customizing the original civilization home cities isn’t an option now. Finally finished my first game with the British and none of the experience was saved.