This game killed scenario design

How could this game be released with such a distaster of a scenario editor?

The scenario editor has such potential, but it was all botched due to graphical bugs and a useless trigger editor. How are you supposed to make triggers if the trigger editor laggs and doesn’t even offer Trigger Studio functionality? As soon as you reach a few hundred triggers it’s a mess. This is pretty standard when making multiplayer scenarios. It’s impossible to work with the editor in this state due to the insane lagg and delay when just clicking. No wonder people are still playing HD Edition or on Voobly with Wololo Kingdoms and UserPatch.

I understand the devs focused a lot on competitive play and game balance, but why even bother trying to update the editor if it just makes it worse on all levels? Right now, the easiest way to make scenarios is to use HD Edition, and then just hope the scenarios work in DE, because nobody is going to make scenarios in DE if they require more than a handfull of triggers.

I’ve created multiplayer scenarios since around 2009 for the original game and HD Edition, but I haven’t made a single scenario for DE, and I know I am not alone on this one. Seriously, get this ■■■■ working. It’s been over 4 months since release, and it’s still useless.


And the lag when creating elevation. No quality control was done on the editor whatsoever, just like in AoE DE. Do not waste your time on DE.


It’s such a beautiful game but so many issues need fixing in the editor.


I used to play countless of custom works from great designers like Ingo. I always had much fun (still do) with the editors of the original games too. Seems MS/forgotten also doesn’t care much about the design community from what I have read in multiple topics, countless of unresolved issues and bugs in the editor. Myself, I hate that they removed the instructions bitmap in AoE DE, those are fun to paint. Is that still present in AoE2 DE? Anyways, such a shame so many things are still not looked into and fixed, because scn design has always been a huge part of what kept the community going, discovering new eye candy and amazing tricks, sharing great stories and involvement via triggers.

DE sucks.

Yeah…the scenario editor was for me the biggest point where I had my dreams on, since I remembered in previous games the editor wasn’t working as I hoped (when it comes to triggers).

In this game it has visual bugs/trigger bugs/lot’s of stuff unexplained (and questionable if it’s even working).
Working around those things is sometimes impossible, and if it’s possible it’s annoying and requires a lot of work.

Still, I hope they shift their focus to it, I love editing.

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Could you share how to create the scenario selector map, cutscenes and loading the maps/images?

I do not use the AoE2 DE scn editor, so I cannot help you. There should be a cinematic tab where you can add these things to your scenario but I don’t know if DE supports what you want. Good luck!

If they could add a way to add additional icons for units, buildings and technologies beyond the limit 324(I think?) without having to replace existing ones that would be much appreciated too.