This game needs a loud voice from the dev team on damage repairs at this launch

I’m sad to say that but this game launch is being terrible so far. The game have a large variety of problems all over its aspects, from performance and connection issues to weird and disfunctional UI.

Even more sad than that is the fact that most of these were known issues reported in detail by beta testers on this forum. There’s no excuse to the game being launched at the state that it is.

I feel like this just isn’t on a worse situtation because this fanbase/playerbase really wants to enjoy this game, play it and see it thrive, otherwise we would’ve already been seeing things like boycotts and mass refunds initiatives around internet.

What I think right now is that, alongside with a hard focus on repairing the many issues we have, the dev team needs to provide us transparency on what is currently being done and what is currently being aimed by them.

This way we, as the community, can try to collaborate to mitigate and repair the damages of this awful launch experience on a beloved and very antecipated game.

Also, some transparency reports in a frequent basis helps to relief us to this erratic feeling of coming to this Forum and being overwheld by inumerous bugs/glitches/connection errors/etc. report topics without knowing what is being done to solve these issues, or even if it’s acknowledged by devs at all.

Hope everything goes well with this game pretty soon, I am surely disposed to collaborate and can guarantee that many others fans are as well!


We want this game to be great as well!

One thing we have for transparency is this known issues list -

There won’t always be dev responses to every issue because it takes time away from doing the actual work and a lot of the time there are similar questions that have already been answered in other places it’s hard to get the answers out to everyone if they don’t all look in the same place or at the same time.

But we are here and we are still working hard on fixing any issues that come up, so thank you for your patience while we find out whats causing them. Bug reports can help a lot with this so please report any bugs you find with as much information as you can.


Stop nagging about the game not being developed enough by the time of the launch when people like YOU are the reason they are also pressured to open the release before it can be polished. This sort of thing happens way to often in today’s society because a business cannot get enough funding without having to set an early release to finish up polishing the game because nobody will back a game until its finished anymore. Seriously do you even look at any games released on a regular basis? I personally have to say as a beta tester that the multiplayer experience they had days before release was more finished then the actual release though. The campaigns thrown into the rest of the game must have changed some of the coding somewhere along the lines because issues that were already patched and fixed reappeared in the release. The ai seemed to have gotten alot simpler in their tactics and counters in the skirmish while as the ai in the campaign seem to excel quite well compared to the HD version.

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I have to note, that list of known issues has always been extremely limited compared to real amount of issues. I personally stopped looking at it after I realized, that there were 10 times more issues in beta.


Well sure… but do you really need to see a list of tickets for things like typos? That list is to cover the big important ones so that players know they aren’t being overlooked.

But important issues reported by a lot of players have been missing from that list. Currently it contains for example minor issue “Font Style Legibility”, while missing pathfinding issues and especially importantly outright broken behavior of melee units in group battles reported both in regard to right-click and patrol/attack-move.

I can’t use right-click in group battles anymore and this is not important enough to include in that list? And even official game reviewers complained about pathfinding. Probably both right-click and patrol glitches are part of the pathfinding mess.

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Yeah, I understand the limitations on responding everyone around here, after all it’s a very busy forum, it’s hard, if not human impossible, to keep it up with the posts.

What I meant with this post is only to show that having a issue with a game is already frustrating, then reaching something like this forums and see a bunch of other problems snowballing bigger and togheter can be even more frustrating. And this situation only adds up with a silent or infrequent feedback.

So, I encourage you gals and guys responsible for this game development, as far as possible, to stay communicative to the community.

Thanks for the efforts and the response, and I hope everything goes well with your work!


I’m not in direct control of that list, but I would guess that it simply hasn’t been reported by the community on a large enough scale yet. I’m not saying it’s not an issue, just that the volume of reports is probably the metric used to determine if it needs to be addressed on that list.

FWIW I have no specific bug like the one you describe but definitely could name a few assorted pathing issues I’ve seen. I think we just need to get a set of reproducible cases and file reports on them.


That would help immensely if you can.

Dunno, many highly reported issues did not appear on the known issues list in beta.

This right-click issue has been only reported by me yes (probably because many people use patrol or don’t pay too much attention to glitched combat), but I have seen even T90 with his pal Dave critice patrol behavior on stream.

Also I have heard quite several people generally criticising units standing still in combat or doing weird things, which is all probably part of the same general melee unit combat behavior mess.

Probably because you don’t use right-click in group combat, yes? :smiley:
You should definitely report all problems you have noticed.

My report about right-click is easily reproducible (actually in my testing scenario it reproduces for both cavaliers and champions in 10v10, 20v20, 30v30 and 40v40 mirror combats).
I can also start posting “fun” videos of right-clicked melee units glitching out in battles in campaigns (I saw a ridiculous clusterfuck in Tours, which made me stop playing), but I hope, that I am not forced to do it and instead it gets fixed as clear and easily reproducible bug (in scenario editor) anyway.

Seriously I watched your video (it’s great that you have a video when reporting a bug, make things clearer in most cases) and I think the DE’s one is the correct behavior. You command the whole group to attack a single unit, it is expected that the group must follow your command until that unit die. The behavior in HD seems like a bug to me, I don’t want my units not follow my command and attack random things. Or maybe you issued the command before unpause so it’s not registered?

To be fair the list provided above has some biggest problems that I’m happy to see they are being addressed, as an multiplayer-only player: performance, lobby system, spectating. Other problem like translation etc… I don’t care about but I think they are being worked on by different team anyway.


Standard right-click behavior in AOC/HD has been, that right-clicked melee units will head towards their target, but will attack other enemy units, if they are nearer. This causes units to spread between enemy units and allows right-click to be used in group battles.

Right-click can be considered both as “attack this target” and “attack this target group” (I can’t right-click on whole group, so it is good that I can right-click on single enemy unit in group, but my units will still attack whole group). It is logical for group of right-clicked units to spread between enemy units, because they all can’t fit around one enemy unit anyway.

I tested this both in AOC and HD and in both right-clicked melee units will behave like in second part of my video.

“You command the whole group to attack a single unit, it is expected that the group must follow your command until that unit die.” - I don’t know, where you took this from. This has not been behavior in AOE 2 for 20 years. Maybe you want the previous behavior to be changed, but this change needs to be seriously discussed in community, because is a very big fundamental change for one of the core parts of gameplay (right-click in combat). Also I have to add, that I am heavily against changing previous right-click behavior, because I am used to this and would totally hate being forced to start patrolling like so many other people.

There are significant differences between right-click and patrol mechanics and I prefer right-clicking, because this gives me more control. I can direct my units towards enemy units I want them to fight instead of just fighting everyone on the path like with patrol. Also I like that right-clicked units will just stand where they are after combat instead of moving to patrol/attack-move destination. Right-clicked units also ignore buildings, which is a plus. Right-click is easier to do than patrol/attack-move (single right-click vs keypress+left-click).

But I don’t want this discussion to be about patrol vs right-click. People have different preferences, this is normal. I just want, that one of the core parts of gameplay is left working like it has worked for 20 years. It seems, that this has also been the intent of developers, because right-clicked units still tend to spread between enemy units. Just in case of groups they might get confusing and keep on running/idling instead of finding a target. This appears to be some kind of a pathfinding problem, where they don’t understand that they should switch target.