This game should have ingame VOICE COMMS!

  1. for obviously team communication without the need for discord.
  2. for trash talking the other team!

Honestly though, its a competitive game and its almost 2023. Voice communication is super important and can improve the quality of games tenfold. Having to type strategies using chat in a high APM game like this is tiresome and gets missed easily. Its also just fun sometimes.

Please add! Also in a lobby would be cool!


a suggestion that would also work for other aoes, although i can’t think of any RTS that has it yet, or maybe i just never noticed it

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It would be better to have discord integration. In game comms are always trash.


Please no, people can use discord if they want. Not interested in having to listen to annoying bossy ally run their mouths, or obnoxious enemies who gloat if they win and whine when they lose fair

In-game voice chat without external programs? Would be a dream.

Just mute them and bye

Considering that i can’t even communicate through in game written chat without the game crashing because there’s a compatibility issue with ryzen + nvidia, i think this is a very good idea.

The taunts and flare works really well, but voice communication would be even better. Regarding the natural proclivity of human beings to be toxic, you should be able to mute every player right away.

And pls, resolve this game crashing issue in written chat, i can’t even tell the guys i play with to stop making ruytiers and make hussars instead.

Do you know the players are from all over the world and not everyone understand English?

Even the units name are different in every language game version. I would still suggest people who want to communicate with their close friend using 3rd party app.


devs should say why this hasnt been implemented, or lack of money or waht

You don’t use voice chat if you have these limitations, it seems to think like in 2005 while we are in 2022 almost 2023