This game works on ONLY windows 10?

So I got Linux, so I’m out of the question. But even on my other laptop which has windows 7 I can’t buy the game. This is sad, really sad. Any ideas if the game will work on any other platforms?

Windows 7 is not compatible with directx 12, age of empires use direct X 12, that’s not possible to play on Windows 7 maybe in a future there was a third party path that’s support on Windows 8 / 8.1 but in 7 i don’t think

Idk why i see this comment all the tim. It is not like this is something new for a lot of games. Many only support DX12.

Man I feel sorry for you but you are missing the point. Microsoft made this game to urge people to upgrade to Windows 10, so that they don’t have to support multiple versions at the same time. I believe they have some goals other than selling a game. They did it before. I was told that the game minesweeper was developed to help the users get used to the mouse.