This guy named "Neutrino Bomb" is stalking me please ban him

Here is the in game screenshot. I got a serious problem with the ISP and called my customer support of the ISP and this guy is stalking that calls of my mobile. I don’t know this guy except in aoe2 steam.

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PFA, Here is another closer look of the same screenshot

the people who have privilege to ban players are not on this forum and they won’t care about this minor case.
trash talking is quite common and why do you care about a custom game ? Just don’t play with him


I hope trash talking won’t lead into my personal matters :face_holding_back_tears: . But I see from your angle, this is what people always think a small thief always not a criminal compared to a big thief. And trash talking is much alike as off topic talking, but grieving is not a trash talking. Anyways I like your angle of perception think always big.

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Yeah, I’m just perplexed. What’s the screenshots meant to show? Is the person contacting you outside of the game and that’s why you say they’re stalking you? If so, firstly I don’t know if the devs/Microsoft can necessarily help you outside of potentially banning the player. Have you reported them in game if so (and if they’ve said much more?), remember there’s the option to do so from end game scoreboard next to player names, with a red exclamation point button. Reporting them automatically also mutes the player for you so you won’t see their messages again.

Secondly, if this is something that has carried over to IRL, this might be something you can contact local authorities with as well. I don’t think forum call outs will help you much, a more direct email to the game’s support might have more effects, but at the very least maybe the community managers can DM you or help you further with this case and/or advise on what to do.

If someone is harassing you in-game with the usual Gamer™ spiel, you can also mute them in-game through Diplomacy screen, I think.


Thank you, the reply was in detail. I focus and finish the necessary precautions and addressable steps to be taken against the threat.

I like to proceed with this step and wait for the results either in favor or not.

I can well imagine why people trashtalk you because you play 4v4 with a PC that lags from the start and make the game unplayable. The fact you dont care about, keep joining 4v4s, and ruin 7 other peoples game, might cause some conflict. You also got kickbanned out of x10 amazon lobbies for that reason

How do you know all this

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Yes, Perfectly Asked.

FYI I never join other lobbies I create 20 times lobbies per day. I never fail to complete the game. Nor anyone had a problem with my gaming. The games which I designed with custom scenario are ludicrous and 300 pop and my system have more triggers and files running behind than the players, so I may lag.

Anyhow I am hating this public multiplayer gaming anymore no sense of justice :frowning_face: . I here by only play private multiplayer gaming.

This topic is so bizarre for me. Mainly because I don’t even understand what’s the problem about. Neutrino Bomb said “monkey” and then you commanded him to say “ryt” or you would ban him. “Ryt” is an acronym unknown to me, but evidently of common usage on the community. Then there’s this whole stalking plot you’ve concoted, calling him a threat. How did he found out your phone number? DId you give it to him? Please clarify.

You may have got missing with the words he said " say you customer support" I don’t even see the acronym he is using " say you" just behave with mutual understanding, you will get to know that I have said " say me ryt now or else you get banned" but my words is not the context I am speaking about, the context is you have no authority to threaten a player about his personal inquiry with customer support. I was verifying to what extent this threatening is related to steam/ age of empires support and I have got a reply as mentioned below and the discussion ended in an odd fashion

I have complained to age of empires support and the reply was ended just removing my suspension of multiplayer services after this day. And I concluded it was not of any use if I get concessions unless the player who threatens gets the hammer of justice and decided not to play the public multiplayer services any more. I prefer private multiplayer to public.

Okay, now what on Earth do you mean by “threaten”? It looks like he was making fun of you, not putting your life in danger. And the acronym I referred to was yours: “ryt”. What does it mean???

Fun or mock is concerned only a part of play, not to personal issues.Once you are out of game there is no fun. What nuisance about customer support looks like fun for you? Ok, say me about what is “say you” acronyms you find as in “SAY YOU customer support” its just a literacy to have mutual understanding of what he is about to say. do not make a mess thinking everything goes with acronyms and grammar.

This is getting even more bizarre because you won’t explain what “ryt” means. It’s just a simple question; I didn’t mean to belittle you because of your usage of it.


This discussion is over by GMT 00:00 and I’m not philosophy professor for you to explain things what ever you cannot understand.

Oh my God, what ever did I do to trigger him.

Trigger? Him? Trigger whom? Mention a little properly so that everyone could understand.