This is an information post

  1. Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics do not work with Hero Archer and Cavalry Archer units.

  2. Ballistics is by far the most expansive tech in the game, that is it effects the most number of units.

  3. The only two/three (three or five after counting Elite upgrades) gunpowder units affected by Ballistics are Bombard Towers, Turtle Ships (and Arambais, which are classified as Conquistadors).

  4. Fire Ships have Ballistics from Dark Age, without the need of a technology.

  5. Despite being non-gunpowder missile units, Arambais, Mamaelukes, Gbetos, Throwing Axemen do not benefit from Chemistry.

  6. Archery range units have the most vague description of techs. Saracen archer vs building Civilizations bonus affects archer line but not Skirmishers, but It affects Cavalry Archer line and Genitours both. Similarly with Pavise, Briton civ bonus and Mayan cheaper cost bonus. Unless mentioned, all infantry units are affected by the technologies to the same extent. Thumb Ring makes archer line fire 17.6% faster, Chu Ko Nu 25% faster and Skirmishers 0% faster.

  7. In full tech mode, you cannot research Elite Steppe Lancer before Elite Battle Elephant.

  8. No hero unit of the Leitis sprite will be affected by Forging line Blacksmith upgrades or Farimba as of now. Devs could have made it +1 (+2 for BF) in class 31 to all infantry and cavalry units.

  9. The secondary projectiles of Organ Guns are kind of great. They deal 2 damage to usual units (units excluded are hero wolves and some other) and buildings which makes them great against buildings. This attack is different from the Leitis affect. The Leitis affect ignores armor for units whereas the organ gun overcomes the armor. It has a 1002 attack and units by default have 1000 armor, making them take 2 damage. But these projectiles are inaccurate in themselves against units to am extent, but accurate against buildings.


They are ranged melee units.

So they don’t deal pierce damage and therefore chemistry doesn’t work on them.

I don’t really see an issue. It’s quite a buff to ranged attacks when researched

They get too close anyway. Their range isn’t that high

you can add the CA as well…

you could also maybe add that rate of fire is in fact actually reload rate not rate of fire.

but yeah aoe2 is and has been a pretty convoluted and counter intuitive (in some places), but they seem to be fixing some of the things… like rewording the effects

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Doesn’t apply to arambai though


Fair enough.

20 characters, again


Vietnamese HP bonus also affects CA

They should fix the All-Tech bug.

Already meets the 20 character min on your side tho


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Hold on, hold on - you started very heavy on me! Cavalry archers don’t benefit from Thumb ring and Parthian tactics?!?!? The icon of Parthian tactics is literally a CA shooting backwards, are you sure?
I don’t know what confuses more, the lack of effect of Thumb ring or PT, but both are ridiculous to miss on the cavalry archers. Again, are you sure about that?

So are Mangonels. Hold on, what about Arambais? They are pierce units.

Read carefully dude. It doesn’t affect any hero archer or hero cavalry archer unit.

The tech tree explicitly says Archery range units, not foot archer units. Hand Cannoneers, Cavalry Archers and Genitours are also included which gives a Turk Flavour. Rattan archers are excluded since they are Castle units. For some reason, the devs thought to apply it to Kipchaks too.

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I double read it and it seems that you meant heroes AND cavalry archers, as if they are two separate types of units. Anyways, now I get your idea.