This is disrespectful to all ranked players

Every time the previous season ends, I launch the game and can’t go ranked because matchmaking is disabled!

I’m not interested in events, or customizations, I want to play ranked games! Why do developers constantly turn off this possibility? I bought this game to play ranked, not to farm EXP for profile level or participate in magic events.

Stop turning off the ranked matchmaking after every season ends!!!


A season has endet.
a new Season beginns.
You tell me you cant wait 2 days till you can play ranked again ?
Btw its less than 24 hours till they go live.


It’s like a one day pause before the next season starts tomorrow…


Sorry, I don’t follow the news, I just wanted to go home this evening and play some ranked games. And now I can’t, I do not understand why to turn off the ranked games at all.

Well, some people want to have the XP and profile additions.
Also it mostly makes patching and server work much easier, since the servers have to find people and match you with them.
Disabling that destresses the server.

They only do it, so you can start tomorow evening to play rankeds with much more fun :slight_smile:

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I totally agree disabling ranked queue is pointless

At least you’ll be able to play again in a couple days.

If you played vs Hardest AI, you can’t even play the game right now due to the cheating AI. Count yourself lucky.

They likely just want to make sure patch is stable and there aren’t any unforeseen bugs they missed that might be exploited in Ranked.

You can’t be serious, right? It’s just one day.


Rest ma boi!
You gotta do something else with someone you love etc

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play a quick match all the people there thinking like you will be there too so you dont get rusty

I tried to play some quick matches and in every QM people left the game at the beginning, mostly to avoid playing on newly biome. It’s impossible to play normally in QM because everyone can leave the game at any moment because there’s no ranked points that can go down. So it’s a disappointment that I can’t play ranked.

yeah some 1800 guys we played against earlier…whom we know also did the same coz of the biome lol

there are 2 super annoying bugs

  1. inviting a player into an already searching party may bug out and not be able to ever join the group until rebooting the client / remaking group.
  2. having a a dialog window open (hidden) example: leave party (y/n) (dont press anything) and host searches for a new game 100% consistently causes the player to drop the next game.

but u know… biome more important.

since biome is more graphic related and if they assigned their graphics guys to just ‘do something’…

they could simply work on redesigning the UI ground up, loading screen and making the minimap more like dota2.

with the number of issues this game has, plenty that are easier to fix than balance changes…i can only question the directing of the game.

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will this biome on ranked too? if it is this is bad maybe devs could make it more eye friendly so people dont run away

No. The patch notes state it is not in ranked.

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