This is quickly going the way of the Warhammer series

Excellent game, piss poor matchmaking development. I just had a 4v4 match of all silver vs all gold and then another match with a conquerer and a diamond vs all gold.

This wont last, trust

My main issue with team match making is the lack of distinctive regional servers. It’s not even ‘playing with randoms’ anymore as I’m almost always guaranteed to be the only non Chinese person in the lobby lol.

Please stop complaining about the matchmaking.

It puts you with other people available.

If you don’t get matched with only silver player in your country it’s because there are no other silver players available in your server.

The devs cannot invent players.

4V4 requires so many people its normal you won’t find as equal team there.
If you get matched with all gold is because they are a team of friends that prematch together and there was no other silver players available. (or the opposite)

If you want more balanced, go with lower number of players.

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