This is team games

Ill just direct you to this reddit post

4v4 are chaotic matches. I don’t think there is a good way to play 4v4s. If you are playing as team you will always win because of better planning. I play 2v2s still not as predictable as 1v1. There are a lot of factors. Friends and opponents can be slightly higher or lower ranks and makes up for a fun game. Also you get to test synergy between different civs. Currently I think French + English is unstoppable in open maps unless you are playing together and coordinating.
Fun thing about 2v2s is that maps are not too small that army reaches you immediately at age up and not too large that it takes your army as much time as the players reach castle.

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I’ll say what I said there, if you got 800 pop split between you then someone is definitely going to throw 100 into siege and there’s nothing broken or off-putting about that. It’s how it goes with increased pop caps.

All rush or all turtle. Good team games are orchestrated from the start. Get a team, make a plan and you’re in for a good time.

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As others have mentioned in a 4v4 there is no reason not to have individual players focus on certain tasks and therefore there will be lots of sieges that easily destroy any buildings due to sheer force.

Does anyone know if the combat simulator here is for the current version of the game?

It says open stress test, so I don’t know if it has been updated since then.

You can only have a max of 30 units, but 30 completely unupgraded castle age knights win against the same resources of bombard cannons (8).

of course with â– â– â– â–  balance, there are no good way to play.
want to remide you - 4vs4 is the most popular regime for aoe2. (just to remember that it’s possible to have good TG balance, unlike SC2)

now i understand how devs balanced game. lol
it’s a joke.
the last time: formula = dmg * speed - hp , if bombards can somehow win kts on paper, what will counter bombards? clearly, a few shots before battle, go after the wall, use narrow space, or add 10 pikes before bombards.
you will see, how dump kts can not engage vs 10 pikes, and bombards doing free hits and free kills

the last part, will 30 kts kill bombards in 1 shot? - no, they will stack, only 4-5 will attack bombard.
lets do math: kts do 30 dmg, 20 kts will oneshot bombard, only if they attack, or 4 kts will attack, and need 5 hits. In time it’s 2 seconds vs 10 seconds.

just give anyone a toy to play, and player will beleive that it’s doing right, no - it’s not.

I agree knights and horsemen are terrible at countering siege. They will touch all spears before they get chance to burn down siege. Just spears and mangonel and bombards and there is no counter composition left. Or maybe spear damage is too much in late game. Or maybe cav pathing needs to be fixed so they dont get stuck on spears.

Cav should counter siege effectively. Siege counters buildings and infantry while infantry counters cav.


We had a Golden League game that was literally siege plus crossbow plus cav against spears plus siege plus ranged. The player with the cav won in the end because he managed to pull flanks with the cav and trade out for the siege efficiently. Cav counters siege but in deathball situations you need to micro â– â– â– â– , not just a-click into them and hope for the best.

Late Edit: The player with the cav won*


It is necessary to reduce the map size in 3vs3/4vs4.

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Size, Shape & Terrain RNG.

Getting Mountain Pass / Danude shouldn’t be such a gamble…

I actually like the big maps. They could might reduce them for ranked matchs but let them as there are for custom matches.

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The hacks, the wonders, the siege, it is all bad in TeamGames.

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Ive never seen a hack to date. Wonders are damn near impossible to purchase if you want to use any amount of stone for walls upgrades keeps etc. If somehow you manage to save up enough to but it you either have no building no troops or its damn near an hour into the game. And if you cant find the means to destroy one enemy building withing the given 10+mins then obviously you derserve the loss…furthermore it is like 15mins faster to win by sacred victory so why not cry about that one. Really the problem is stone walls are waaaaaaaayyyyyyy to cheap compared to what you have to spend to be able to take them down as swiftly as they go up

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