THIS is the fix for Goths

As most of us are aware of TheViper recently created a video in which he made a tier list categorizing all of the civilizations from S-D. Goths were one of the two only civilizations he placed into the D category. It is also widely known that Goths have been in need of a Civilization Bonus change for some time now with none of the changes being successful as of yet. I have been theorizing many different ideas for some time now and I have come to the conclusion that there is only one realistic and impactful change possible. I propose this bonus to be Goth Villagers have the ability to shoot their bows defensively against enemy military. At first this might sound wacky and game breaking but just hear me out as my reasoning is sound.

  • Villagers will have a range of 2 when shooting their bow. The attack speed would be that of bombard cannon.
  • Goths bonus damage vs hunt will be removed as this was the precursor to the new bonus.
  • Goths struggle with early aggression. This will give them some counter play early allowing them to more comfortably get to the Imperial Age where they excel.
  • Villagers can not use military stances. This is straightforward enough, they are not military units and should not have access to military stances.
  • We all know villagers have bows that they used to hunt with so give them the ability to use them as defense!

Thanks for whomever took the time to read this.


TBH, the devs really haven’t tried much with regards to Goths, they’ve basically just fiddled around with the infantry discount. While I’m impressed with how they’ve handled balance for many of the civs, it really seems like they don’t have a cohesive vision for Goths (kind of similar to Teutons).

I’ve suggested something similar before, but I gave it to the Britons, to be a side effect of the Yeoman tech.

You’re trading a tiny range for a much decreased attack rate - it’s hard to see this as much of a buff.

Overall, interesting idea, but I don’t think it’s nearly as strong as you think it would be. Even if you added this change but didn’t nerf the villager attack rate, it would have the potential to be an almost half-decent bonus vs. Feudal and Dark Age units, but would largely become worthless in Castle, due to the low hp/armor/dps/range of villagers against strong Castle Age units. Players might be tempted to waste their villagers fighting against much stronger units, when running away would be much better for your eco.


Something to consider is that Villagers can be extremely powerful for their cost and still not be worth using in combat, because of the level of micro involved, as they don’t have attack stances. Spanish Supremacy Villagers are insane for their cost, but even at the highest level people have a hard time using them effectively.

So if you’re gonna give them a buff to their ability to attack, just give them the buff. It’s not really possible for it to become overpowered.