This is the kind of players you find in matchmaking

Developers aren’t doing nothing against these people.
What do I have to do? Come at your offices and do it myself? No. I ask you to take care of that of course.
What is wrong with these people. I just was playing and all of a sudden the player snaps and start to wall my TC. I sware I never said nothing to this guy. If this is the rated gaming, this is a WASTE OF TIME, stop allowing these people to play the game in rated. STOP FORCING US WITH PEOPLE THAT WE DON’T KNOW.

THERE ARE DISHONORABLE PEOPLE ONLINE and you are allowing these trash to keep growing and growing because you have no interest and are naive in your actions against this.
You don’t care but to sell the game more is that not true?

You just don’t care about what quality of experience we have. 3 v 3 is a horrible excperience and matchmaking puits you with people who haveve really issues.

Then. Don’t. Play. Ranked.

If you only want to play with people you know, set up private casual lobbies. Ranked is explicitly to match you against players near your skill level who are online.

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