This is the state of 4v4's atm

I’m all for a clash on Mountain Pass as the choke creates some awesome battles. But since the latest siege nurf, this has become every 2nd 4v4 match…

One player ignores the other 3 and just goes full roleplay defense.

We won this match, but it was a horrible game.


Why you think it is horrible?

You should view this as you 3 go harass the other team and make your teammate be able to rush for wonder. It is indeed a good strategy, except that you guys had lack of communication. You like play aggressively does not mean everyone else like this way. Base building, going for the wonder and achieving the victory should not feel ashamed at all.

BTW, I am not saying the wonder system now is perfect. Wonder in team game is a bit too cheap in my opinion.

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so you are saying both teams should rush to build a wonder? it’s the lamest possible way to play the game.
and atm its extremely OP because defending is sooooooooo much easier than attacking, and because theres just not enough time even when you have a huge army vs a very small one or no army it can still take 5mins to get through and teams run out of time making it to the wonder pushing through endless walls and towers and castles… its dumb.

wonders are ruining team games devs please fix this ASAP.

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If one team of four put their minds together and give a fight at age 3, I do not think a team of three with similar skill can hold the push on any map. Even if you see your opponent already got the wonder up, and you cannot break into their base, you still have 5min to get the sacred sites. If your opponent got the wonder, have map control, and tons of walls. What I shall say?

The main problem on team game to me is most ppl do not like to talk, share their thoughts, even do not bother sending heads up when they see something wrong. You want to push, then push together, not one by one.

For reworking on wonder, I would suggest to make wonder cost 500 more on each res for one more player, and 2 min later to claim the victory for each size jump of the map. That means for 4v4 on the biggest map, you need 6000 each res to build one and defend it for 23 min.

Anyway, we should allow players play defensively, just make sure not to encourage ppl to do so.

Every game is whoever makes wonder 1st wins. All your counters to this are bad. Pass thru 3 other army and mass castles and beat the timer?? Impossible unless the other 3 people are brain dead.

Just remove it!!! you cant balance it. Even triple the cost its still there and will be made every game!!! It cant be balanced in a team game!!!
I dont want to try and get thru castle defense for 30 min to get to a Wonder in the corner surrounded by 10 towers and 3 more castles with archers on the walls.
no one wants that ■■■■. its not fun its dumb



Just play custom games until something is done. You can remove wonder victory and it still counts towards an elo. Plus people talk more in custom than quick match. Its that simple.

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I do not agree. I am not sure if you know a little about Probability. If your opponent has already built a wonder, your expectation to win the game is supposed to be lower, since your opponent is able to hold your aggression and get the extra res.

You guys do not like the wonder system, but I do like it, and I am sure I am not alone. The most memorable matches I have experienced in AOE4 so far are two victories to my side after my opponent has built a wonder. Our team immediately take control all Sacred Sites. We know they probably have spent a lot res on defense. Also, control all SS in 4v4 game is much easier than 1v1 game.

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he’s never played 1v1 , so he wouldn’t know

who hasnt played 1v1?

played a couple but they bored me immensely.

Pretty sure there are plenty of people who don’t find any appeal in the small scale of 1v1’s.


some like no rushing for 25 min then fighting , others prefer games to go 25-30 min max to each their own.

Wonder prices need to scale up according to the amount of players on the map.
4v4 wonders are way too cheap atm

Wonders have always been strong in 4on4 games. Especially on maps that funnel units into chokes such as mountain pass and black forest. But yes, the recent siege nerf buffed wonders indirectly. Yet, the issues lies within the mechanic of the wonders and not within the siege. The siege nerf was warranted.

Yet we can only argue about a solution. Every single one of them has pro’s and con’s. As there is no objective reality in this much will go by what people feel would be appropriate. Some examples:

(1) Wonder countdown to be increased in larger game types. E.g. 1on1 to be 15 minutes, 2on2 to be set 17,5 minutes, 3on3 to be set 20 minutes and 4on4 to be set 25 minutes.
(2) All maps must contain sacred sites. The wonder pauzes when more than half of the sacret sites is occupied by the opposing team.
(3) In 4on4 games, at least two wonders must be build before the timer starts.
(4) Wonders not to be a win condition in 4on4.
(5) Wonder resource cost is proportional to the amount of players in the game.
(6) Wonder gets upped in countdown when landmarks are lost.

All of these make some sense, to a more of lesser degree. And that more or less is probably strongly dependent on how an individual feels about wonders (which also relates to the skill level at one operates at).

Yet I’d argue that wonders are a tad broken. And they are more broken the larger the game type. So mostly 4on4. I’ll leave it up to smart guys to figure out how to deal with that :slight_smile:

This is only issue with HRE. I haven’t played myself but somehow HRE can make their towers invincible. You need at-least 10 bombards to make a dent in HP. If it was any other civ it would have been much easier to invade.