This is the Way to interact with community

Sorry guys, but you should learn by FIREFLY Studios. They’re a small team but their efforts to share info with community about next Stronghold title are really aappreciated. They’re watching what community asks and they’re going to answer to all these questions.


Paradox Interactive - for all their flaws - are great at this, and their developers read and post on the forums every day. On top of that they have a dedicated community staff who do the same.

M$ and Relic are currently well-matched, sadly.

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Keep a track on adam isgreen twitter account, and ask him …he might reply us

Yes, Firefly’s interaction with the community is very great and I’m also unsatisfied with some Actions Relic and Microsoft did. It’s time to give us an update about Aoe4 in the coming weeks.
But keep in mind, that this is no guarantee to make a good game. Often it’s better to keep secret the current state of progress.

You probably right but you should consider that most of us want hear only some updates not a full reveal, for now.

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Yes, I know and I totally agree, we need some more information.
I only hope they need more time to surprise us with a very unexpected gameplay reveal or something like that.

I don’t think they have a single Stronghold game after Original and stronghold crusader that got connected with players. So even though they are “interacting” with us, they have done same in past too. And as I said, they had a lot of loose connection after Crusader. And boy-o-boy they got so many attempts. Finally I along with many Stronghold fans left the ship to sink.

But yes I don think this is a good way to interact. cough MS guys do interact with us in Mixer but none of you watch it. They often do Q&A along with MS studio devs. Please check them out too.


For me better is 0 A.D no company itself more a community of fans developing a free open source game, getting to they fans collaborate with them, with their work, making the game full mod compatible, but last yers they become sol much hermetic…
But still made by their fans.

Stronghold is very good game, but last games are kind of old. The game play is unique.

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Aye what spoiling AoE forums???

What you mean ?
This very open community giving their feedback about how they figuring the next release.

Yeah, it’s just a shame no one from M$ either reads or replies.