This isn't a bug i just didn't know where else to post it where it would get attention if this violates in some way I apologize

Before anything I want to say thank you to the dev teams for the steady improvements since launch. This might seem nitpicky but can we get paste functionality or paste from clipboard tool for the map seed text box in the ‘Create a Game’ menu please. we have a copy map seed tool in the in game pause menu but there is no paste functionality in the menu so to practice on a specific type of spawn I’m forced to paste the seed in a text editor and flip back and forth between the 2 apps to type in the seed. I’m sure it’s intended to have paste function because why have a copy tool and not have the ability to paste, right? So I feel like it might have been over looked, I just wanted to bring this to some ones attention.

Hey @AnomalyBST! You should be able to paste into the Map Seed field using CTRL + V. If you’re unable, post back and let’s try to figure out why.

I’m an idiot, tried right clicking didn’t work went straight to typing it in didn’t think to check keyboard short cuts thank you!

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