This looks worse than I imagined - it's 'TOTAL WAR AOE'

This developer’s last project failed so hard it killed the ‘Dawn of War’ franchise. They did not understand that game.

I just saw the video and I’d say they don’t understand this game either. There is absolutely a maximum number of units you should have on the screen at any time to keep that ‘RTS feel’ and they have blown past it big-time.

This looks more like ‘Total War’ than an ‘AOE’ game and that is NOT A GOOD THING. Oh well, there’s always 1,2, and 3 to play.

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They always show big battles for trailers because it makes the game look epic but it probably does not reflect actual gameplay.


What a strange thing to complain about . There were big battles in history as well. If you’re complaining because you don’t have th system capable of running this kind of game then find a higher paying job and buy yourself a modern gaming pc.


Are you really complaining about the amount of units on screen? WTF, you can literally make far more in Age of Empires II Definitive Edition than those we have just seen in the trailer!

Honestly it would be ridiculous to severely cap the units limit in a 2021 RTS game set in medieval times, when really huge battles were fought. But in the trailer there are not even that much units on screen, so I really cannot understand your complain. Go play the AoE you want, but comparing the AoE IV trailer with Total War… is just absurd.


I agree, this game looks total war than aoe. They can’t understand what players want, aoe4’s end will be like aoe3. People won’t broke line and countinue to play aoe2 for a real rts experience. No unrealistic 3d graphics, no bad animations, no big wars. Pls give us aoe like aoe1-aoe2
But i really like idea of Aoe3, fighting on top of walls, town designs, units, but not that bad animations pls and want more dark atmosphere

So they make sieges a bit more realistic and now it’s Total War? Have you even played Total War games? Just look at the population in the images, those battles have pretty few people fighting considering that is a 2021 medieval war RTS, while Total War games have literally thousands of soldiers by side on most battles.

There are still trebuchets, rams… but woo you can put troops on top of walls, that’s so a Total War thing! It looks even more like Stronghold, and it would still be a bad comparison…

I can understand the complains about units visual style or arrows animations, even agree to them, but honestly I cannot understand how is this Total War now only because you can put troops on walls and they cannot be destroyed with arrows…

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I don’t agree with your opinion. And that’s ok.

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I could be wrong, we’ll see this fall. But my general rule is ‘the more units onscreen the less fun a game it is’. Harder to control the battle.

im a total war and a aoe player… and id say in the end we all learn to get into it

Now a days i play a lot of Total War, and this is far away from it. But that is your opinion, and its fine. I like many units on the screen. So the aoe4 trailer looks good to me.


There is still a pub max, what are you talking about?

It has been said…

Max pop will be 200, (unless a civ has a special ability to make more like the Chinese and Iroquois in AOE3)
Which is inline with AOE games, about 100 eco, and 100 millitary
Will be a question if certain units cost more pop, which they should…

The large scale battles I think are taken from the single player scenario and are part of the story line. We may have to successful win a large battle as some diversity to just base building in certain levels.

No one is going to line up battle formations like that to start a battle in a real game… (unless its like a treaty game and the TR is about to end and people meet in the half map) lets hope they have a treaty mode like AOE3. Its not for everyone but its quite fun to have massive feeding battles.