This makes me not want to play

I saw the new Halloween biome and loved it (and I can’t say that about pretty much ANY other biome).

But they’re going to take it away from us. It’s a real #### u to the players/customers.


it really needs to be done as DEs do it, small cosmetic mods that you can enable at any time


They should keep event biomes as legacy biomes maybe even have it as one of the event rewards


I understand their seasonal scheme bc they wont have to invent a new one every subsequent season (of it’s liked) and it stays fresh longer by being transient.

Like i sometime miss the monsters on marshland and Boulder bay; but i for Damn sure be tired if them both by now and hate seeing their faces.

Well come on, there still are good reasons to keep on playing!

It wouldn’t harm anyone if this biome stayed after the event, maybe a little de-halloweenized (remove the pumpkins). I, like you, wish it could stay. It would give more value to the work done as well.

It’s just one more sign of their emphasis on multiplayer. I kind of like 4 but it’s not really for me.

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i also love the biome. i think they should make the new biomes staying in game forever, but maybe as optional content - so the rank player, who maybe dislike them, dońt have the use them.

it would be a win win for everyone.

for me its also really sad, i am on vacation the most time of autunm, so i cańt really enjoy many games on biome. and man, i love halloween

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Timed content is a blight on modern gaming trying to exploit peoples fear of missing out (FOMO)

Games should respect their customers time and schedule and be avaliable when they want to play not demand the customer conform to the games schedule or miss out.

I’m not too bothered about missing holiday themes biomes but it feels like a waste of time to create new content for the game that will only be around for a time before being arbitrarily removed.


Except Enchanted groove. This one should not come back ever.

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